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  1. Gender dysphoria go brrrrrrr

  2. The old one is non-existent and could've probably used an update Here's a highlight video from that event
  3. I've been making Scream Bloody Gore look better. New additions: Speckled chassis my new logo better fade on the artwork Special Speckled rims inside of rims are red now And more as I get more them done. See smaller updates not shown in images here
  4. Flipped during qualifiers

    Embarrassment to the whole event

  5. If the fun run being hosted by ABgamerX wasn't tomorrow I'd switch to my rainbow chassis and pride flag

  6. I'll use my usual online name that's close to my name but not giving it away Sam Greyhame
  7. Name: Cinnamon DaFox Truck: Scream Bloody Gore (can explain name if needed) Truck Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KsYOdPvdtzbPm_hEecG16svmgdVwyXyx/view Discord: CinnamonDaFox/HyideeDaProto#0187
  8. Man I need to check here more 😅

  9. I wanted to make a truck from scratch but suck at 3D design and don't have a powerful enough computer to do it anyway. But I can do graphic design and know how to edit texture files on a truck so I put myself to work and made my own truck. I used Metal Mulisha as a base for the truck and went from there. All the design you see on the truck body is me. Guys, gals, and non-binary pals, I present to you my first truck, Titanic ! I am obsessed with the history of RMS Titanic and since I was thinking of joining a league soon I wanted to stand out on my own and have a truck that was mine. Here it is. 5 hours of my night. All for Titanic version 1. This truck will be a closed custom whenever it gets posted as I intend to use it as my personal truck whenever I join a league. Video: https://streamable.com/vio9ti (note: as I said, my computer isn't that powerful so bear with me on the frame rate and graphics quality. there's also a notification in there too) Images:https://imgur.com/a/wLrcwkU (the 'tailgate" says "April, 15th 1912: A Night Remembered"
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