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Found 2 results

  1. Name: MTRL OCFS 2022 Venue: Orange County Fair Speedway (Middletown NY) also known as the Legendary House Of Power Racing Style: Straight Line Replica Date Ran: 7/22, 23, and 24/2022 This would be the last show of Bad Habit Relapse before debuting all new Jeep Body.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Bad Habit Relapse! After a lot of testing, I'm finally happy to release this to everyone! Been gone for a while but I'm back now that I've finally upgraded to a decent PC. Not perfect I know, I may bring out updates for it in the future to make it more FPS friendly, but through testing this was the best for now. As always a HUGE shout out to all the content/prop creators on this site, without you guys these trucks wouldn't be anywhere near as good. THERE IS 2 FILES, ONE FULL DETAIL, ONE FPS(ish) CREDITS Blender work, paint, logos, firestone texture, shocks, sway bars, axles, wiring/piping, small chassis edits, rim edits, LED & RII Lights, filter, headers - Me Shocks, FPS axles, coils, minor Firestone edits, Beadlock, General help with making FPS version - Nathan Hils Merlin Engine, Radiator, Fans, Fire Extinguisher, Fuel Cell - fernBurn & Andrew Sheets Firestones, Body - Andrew Sheets Shifter, Power & Fuel Switches - crazyman444 MSD Box, Truck file setup - rockgod88 Transmission, Battery - RockCrwlr Chassis - Outlawed Skull - printable_models Gauges, ISP Seat - Steele Original Rims - Klayton Rear Steer Motor - dd908 LED Lights - Chris B, RKM Reference pictures - Joe Sylvester & Troy Lee If I missed anyone let me know and I will add you! ENJOY!
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