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Found 24 results

  1. I am having a hard time extracting a track from blender. I am new to making tracks so if anyone could reach out to me it would be great. You can DM me on instagram at monsterjamsuperfan2020 or my discord is Megafan2020#9571. It would mean a lot
  2. View File El Paso Sun Bowl 2020 (MaxDMan) 2020 El Paso Sun Bowl model. The .blend file comes with three sky boxes, one for day, one for sun set, and one for night. There are also two mountain textures in the .blend, one lighter colored one for day, and a darker one for night. The idea here was to give the option for a day show (deleted light flare from the light poles, day time sky box, and lighter texture mountain backdrop) and a sun setting/night time show (light flares on light poles, sun set sky box or night sky box, and darker colored mountain backdrop
  3. View File Mt. Pleasant 2016 Model 2016 Mt. Pleasant model made to recreate the 2016 Monster Truck Throwdown show. If you use the textures in the model, be sure to use a transparent property in the .material file for the following .png's: AmericanFlagStill.png BlueConstructionFence.png CrowdThingy3DNEW.png ElliotDustin2016.png FenceTall.png LeavesA.png LeavesB.png MetalScaffolding.png MTT2016Officials.png PeopleTextureTalking.png RoundupSeats.png Tree1.png Tree2.png Tree3.png treeline.png TreeLine2.png TreeLine3.png WhiteF
  4. View File Bridgeport Speedway 2018 Model Bridgeport Speedway 2018 Model. If you use the textures in the blend make sure you set transparent properties in the .material file to the following .pngs: AmericanFlagStill.png CatchFence.png CrowdThingy3DbackNEW.png CrowdThingy3DNEW.png Elliot_old_man_Dustin.png FencewithRailing.png MTT2016Officials.png SBlightfare.png treeline.png TreeLine2.png TreeLine3.png Credits: Me, Klayton, Mark C., HotShoe Before you ask, yes you can use this model for whatever you like as long as proper c
  5. View File Galot Motorsports Park 2017 Model Got some people asking to upload some models to the scrapyard so this will be the first of me dumping things on my computer. This is the 2017 Galot Motorsports Park model I used for the 2017 Monster Truck Throwdown track so all textures reflect that show. If you keep the textures in this model, make sure you change the transparency of the following textures in the .material file CrowdThingy3DbackNEW.png CrowdThingy3DNEW.png FenceMTT2017 FencewithRailingLong.png fencing.png OrangeConstructionFenc
  6. View File Ionia, MI 2017 Model Got some people asking to upload some models to the scrapyard so this will be the first of me dumping things on my computer. This is the 2017 Ionia Free Fair model I used for the 2017 Monster Truck Throwdown track so all textures reflect that show. If you keep the textures in this model, make sure you change the transparency of the following textures in the .material file treeline.png TreeLine2.png TreeLine3.png WhiteFenceWhiteSiding.png MT2017Officials.png IoniaFence.png FenceTall.png Elliot_old_man_Dus
  7. View File Gaithersburg Fair Ground Model Someone asked for this so I figured I'd throw it up. All textures should be packed into the .blend file but I also included all textures of the model in the zip file. The ground texture is the texture from the 2019 track so make sure you re texture once you model and bake. New crowd texture on here also so feel free to tinker with that! Submitter maxdman Submitted 04/02/2020 Category T
  8. Guys my blender when im exporting a track is not working and is always show a error on the corner of the screen and when everything is maped and in one mesh can some one help me ples!!!!
  9. So ive been using blender 2.49 for over a year now and after the recent windows update (this also happened to my friend djpgamer7) and out of no where now I cant launch my blender It starts the command prompt shows python loaded etc than it goes black and says blender.exe has stopped working ive tried compatibility modes re-installing and resetting nothing will fix it.
  10. All right so its come to my attention that I have completely lost compatibly for old blender on my computer. I'm frustrated. Anyway so being no one helped me out with my issue when I posted in Help & Support basically says screw you, so I guess now until someone either helps me with old blender, or gets me a functional ogre mesh exporter for 2.79 I wont be releasing tracks. Sorry guys
  11. Ok. So I made a few tracks for a friend and they go into game just fine however... This happens. Any help would be greatly appreciated this is a new issue that's been happening and I cant seem to fix it. Where you spawn ^ Whats underground ^ And yes I've tried raising the track up in blender its doesn't do anything.
  12. I know this is a pretty simple concept to those of us who know how to do it, but for all those who dont, this is how to bake a body in blender, granted you have already mapped it
  13. not sure if anyone else asked this question but is there a way to import MTM2 Models to blender? I know Edy has done it before but if anybody else knows how to do this that would be great
  14. With the ever growing desire for tutorials for content creation now, I figured I'd finally start putting together some videos for track making. I will be doing more with time, covering specific topics of track making and the steps within it. Hopefully people can learn from this as well as share other ideas and tricks they've learned over time. You should take note that everything I am showing are (mostly) methods I follow and use all the time. There are other methods to track making and I hope everyone can take the time to experiment with Blender and find a way that is best suited for you.
  15. Title says it all... Can someone please help with that.
  16. So recently, i've been making a chassis and I need some help with importing already made meshes into blender. (Ex. BlazeDriveshaft.mesh.xml). I have installed the importer than can be found on this website and installed python and whatnot. When i go to file-import-OGRE meshes-(select a mesh) then hit open, I get an error saying this: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program C:/Use... R6034 An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please contact the application's support team for more information. Once
  17. so decided to start making a truck in blender, i'm having this problem. when I go to export a chassis or something. I get this: how do I fix this? NOTE: I have everthing installed and the correct version of blender.
  18. I was just messing around in blender and I made a decent track and how do I export it to ROR?
  19. Ok so let me start by saying Hi, my names Preston and I'm new here and to track making. Ive always had big dreams of it though, always drawing out tracks in hopes that maye the track crew in Vegas will be like "Oh this kid has some good ideas" lol. Being introduced to ROR however has brought me to the next best thing, Now I can design my tracks AND drive on them. That being said my question is this: Does anybody have a Sam Boyd Stadium Blender file? Ive already made the track (Jumps,cars,etc.) but I need the stadium. preferably with K-rails, and stuff added already but I'll take whateve
  20. I used the extrusion tool to rebuild the front of this truck. All looks well in solid mode, but when viewed in texture mode I get a strange gradient/shading effect for each face of this particular area (should be solid green). I've tried clearing and resetting the faces, but nothing seems to get rid of it. It's even there when the faces are not associated with a texture. Any ideas?
  21. I need help with setting up blender and it's plugins to edit Trucks and Tracks
  22. Hello guys i have a couple of projects im working on and i seem to have messed up the textures on the body i am making also the wheels i have made have no texture at all. It would be best if you added me on my skype because that is where i am on the most. thanks. Heres a picture of my body that i messed up https://gyazo.com/d2c23147002a29823ab41764b6e11372
  23. Mapping Tutorial I have my own way of mapping bodies in an efficient but quick way that works well for me so feel free to experiment and figure out what ways work best for you. I'll include some useful tips that painters will be very grateful you include should you choose to have someone else paint it for you. Step 1 Open Blender (I use 2.49b but you should be able to apply this to all versions) then open the model you want to map. I'll be using Andrew Sheets' Nissan Titan body for this tutorial. Step 2 Once you have your model open it should look something like this You
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