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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Sonic Fans this truck is for you! Here is the fourth truck ive uploaded. Sonic the Hedgehog! My third truck on an escalade body. The others are Felix the Cat (SUV 2021) and (SUV 2022). Hope you Enjoy!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Custom Cuphead Monster truck. http://www.mediafire.com/file/k28xmnapfp7xxmq/CupHeadRearEngine.zip Also, its cloned right <3
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is a custom SUD I will be using for a tour, I thought it looked nice so I'm posting it here. Credits- Alan E Me Mr Yeet
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Whoz Hidin Inside CONTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK ONLY!!! THIS IS MY FIRST TRUCK UPLOAD!!!! Here is the first of many custom skins and trucks to be done. Lost Kitties! It is based on a toyline by Hasbro Toys that debuted in 2017.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This is a track I threw together based of a mix of Newark & Long Island NY. The pod is pretty sound, & I finally fixed the mini-flip ramp FPS issue. I will not the exterior is simply custom, I have never been to this venue, however I wanted to give it some updates since I don't have any newer arenas to use at this time. I did make it a straight entry tunnel which is true to the venue, however I cannot promise anything is perfectly accurate! I hope y'all enjoy, let me know if I forgot anyone in the credits or if there are any issues!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Thanks to Taurus Racer 13 for making a friend of mine actul everyday drive of his real EL Camino that is a 78
  7. Ok so, ik there's a request area but i wanna start making trucks myself (as a hobby and for public use, you never know when they might come in handy 😂) but im unsure about certain things so i wanted to ask here: 1. I know blender and paint.net (i think) are used for making things like chassis and schemes, but would gimp (something i can actually do lol) work for the designs? If so are there already templates for the meshs? 2. Are there any chassis/models that are able to be exported in as a basis (another side question would be like, "is there a way to remove bodies and replace the chasis in a non-tedious way?) 3. If any of my questions have a link or something that'd be helpful, where could i find it? (Anything's appreciated tbh, thx in advance) TL;DR: 🤷‍♂️ *Lè Confusion*
  8. I wanted to make a truck from scratch but suck at 3D design and don't have a powerful enough computer to do it anyway. But I can do graphic design and know how to edit texture files on a truck so I put myself to work and made my own truck. I used Metal Mulisha as a base for the truck and went from there. All the design you see on the truck body is me. Guys, gals, and non-binary pals, I present to you my first truck, Titanic ! I am obsessed with the history of RMS Titanic and since I was thinking of joining a league soon I wanted to stand out on my own and have a truck that was mine. Here it is. 5 hours of my night. All for Titanic version 1. This truck will be a closed custom whenever it gets posted as I intend to use it as my personal truck whenever I join a league. Video: https://streamable.com/vio9ti (note: as I said, my computer isn't that powerful so bear with me on the frame rate and graphics quality. there's also a notification in there too) Images:https://imgur.com/a/wLrcwkU (the 'tailgate" says "April, 15th 1912: A Night Remembered"
  9. Version 1.0.0


    0.4 Thought I might as well upload these for anyone who wants them. Not perfect, just 2 customs I wanted to put together. Blender work, paint - me Chassis - Outlawed Rollbar - Diggerfan Skoal Bandit Body - TaurusRacer13 Engine, Fuel Cell - fernBurn Everything else - SM community. Anyone is free to use this truck in any leagues or fun runs that allow customs, just message me on here first so I know! Enjoy!
  10. So I made some custom sounds. I followed every tutorial I could find on youtube and on this website on how to create a soundscript file. I'm almost positive I did everything right, but when I spawn the truck in rigs, it has no sound whatsoever. Can someone help? Heres some screenshots of my custom sounds: Pls help. Thanks!
  11. Version 1.1.0


    STANDALONE This was a repaint of the custom CRD Jester which is cloned and ready to go! Credits: Paint: Me Truck: GDFAN14 Testing: Me Cloning: Karnage Gaming Tires: Andrew If I forgot anyone please tell me below.
  12. Version 1.1.0


    NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM Cloned from Cooldown VI with written permission from Sweg (DM me (@Cora#0666) if proof is needed Built for NAMT and TMB Truckfest message me on Discord if I missed crediting you. HUGE thanks to @Wave for his help with the paint and fixing it when I screwed up attempting to clone it, and massive thanks to @WorpeXfor supplying the tires.
  13. The road to the All Elite Monster Trucks World Finals 1 in Glendale, Arizona is fastly approaching! Below is a summary of the Qualifying that has taken place, and information on the event! Qualifying Results: Double or Nothing Field: 8 of AEMT's best up and coming drivers put their best efforts to see who can earn that coveted 16th Spot in the Mainfield! Zach Romig, taking over for the Twisted Addiction team, shocked the tour by claiming the fastest time in the Double or Nothing Field. Tim Clapper, who made his only appearance at Arlington, made a great pass in Mutant Super Soda, claiming the 2nd spot. Freddy Dinapoli and Billy Badass also laid down exceptional times, giving them the 3rd and 4th spot in the Qualifying Sheet. Here's how the field played out: 1. Zach Romig (Twisted Addiction) - 26.76 2. Tim Clapper (Mutant Supersoda) - 27.03 3. Freddy Dinapoli (Wild Side) - 28.17 4. Billy Badass (Max-D Fire) - 29.43 5. Marshall Harris (Max-D) - 30.16 6. Joseph Rodriguez (Carolina Crusher) - 30.31 7. Pedro Mendez (Bakugan Dragonoid) - 30.81 8. Amari Nuanes (Grave Digger the Legend) - 34.24 Main Field: After an all out assault for the entire season, it has all culminated to this moment. 15 Drivers put their best foot forward, trying to claim the top spot, as this will impact their night in Racing. The winner of the Double or Nothing Field will have a tough Round 1 match up, facing off against the fastest qualifier and the Stadium Championship Series Winner, Travis Palm in Wrecking Machine. Danny Walker, one of the most consistent drivers in the tour, and a threat to take the racing win from Travis, took the Great Clips Mohawk Warrior to new heights, claiming the third fastest position in the field. Max almost matched Danny's 25.53 with is impressive 25.58, putting him in third. The Three Arena Muskateers, being Lionel Herrera, Dillon Kearns, and Jackson Meszaros, all laid down exceptional passes, even qualifying higher than season veteran Jonathan "Deli" Zimmerman in Gas Monkey Garage, as well as Armando Barbosa in Grave Digger. Here's how the field played out: 1. Travis Palm (Wrecking Machine) -25.26 2. Danny Walker (Great Clips Mohawk Warrior) - 25.53 3. Max Silver (Avenger) - 25.58 4. Lionel Herrera (Zombie Fire) - 25.81 5. Dillon Kearns (Megalodon) - 26.12 6. Jackson Meszaros (Monster Mutt Rottweiler) - 26.18 7. Armando Barbosa (Grave Digger) - 26.24 8. Devon Dunlap (El Diablo) - 26.41 9. Jonathan "Deli" Zimmerman (Gas Monkey Garage) - 26.49 10. Marcelo Mendoza (Doom'sDay)- 26.57 11. Ewan Ford (El Toro Loco Black) - 27.02 12. Jackson Morris (VP Racing Fuel Mad Scientist) - 28.40 13. Drew Daro (Black Pearl) - 29.74 14. Trooper Balcazar (Rage) - 33.54 15. Taylor Andes (Son-Uva-Digger) - DNF Stay tuned for more information about the first ever AEMT World Finals very soon!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    I'm a movin' violation baby HOT HOT, HOT HOT! CREDITS: Original Trucks - John Dough, monsterjam507yt, and sugu341 Paint - Me If you want credit for something, message me. Go big, go HOT WHEELS!!!
  15. Name: 96 Explorer EB Body: 1996 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition Color: Seen In Picture's Chassis: CRD Tire's: Firestone Picture's:
  16. Version 1.0.0


    About Anyone remember that awful 3D Ultra RC Racers game from 1999? No one else? Just me? Figures. Well, I played this game a ton during my childhood but I really only ever used the RC Monster Trucks! My favorite truck in the game was Cyberfish. It was stupid looking, sure, but I liked it. So, I figured I'd re-imagine it for RoR and I really like the way it turned out! I did Racer XXL too since it was an easy paint scheme. I'll attach a picture of the trucks in the original game for your viewing pleasure. Maybe in the future I'll do the other two AI trucks, Turlo and Cameron as well. I have created 2 versions of this pack so you can play however you'd like: The Trucks NAMT Settings (File 1) V4 Settings (File 2) These are open customs, feel free to use in any events/leagues! Commands CTRL+1 RII Yellow CTRL+2 RII Red If I missed anyone in the credits, let me know and I'll update. Thanks and enjoy!
  17. [TRACK] : Custom Cincinnati 2020 Name: Custom Cincinnati 2020 Venue: Paul Brown Stadium Racing Style: Figure 8 (Tampa 2020) Replica or Custom: Custom Date Ran: 7-28-20 Images/Graphics:
  18. [TRACK] : Empower Field at Mile High Name: Custom Denver 2020 Venue: Denver, CO Racing Style: Vegas Style/St. Louis Style Replica or Custom: Custom Date Ran: 5-14-20 Images/Graphics:
  19. Name: Syndicate. Drivers Name: David Douglas. Body: Any body that would work with the chassis. Chassis: Flame Chassis. Paint (images of color/graphics): I'm not too picky with colors, I'd like to see this image on the truck.. Other details: I'm willing to pay 40-80$ CAD/USD for this custom, PAYPAL. I also have a discord if you want to discuss this with me/
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Crush This 2020! Another custom done, for Brad and Dan over at the Crush This Monster Truck Podcast, ready to compete in Joe's Outlaw MT Drags. Credits Blender work, sponsor plate, chassis adjustments, RII Lights, butler built headrest, firestone texture - Me Body Paint - Brad Shaw N/B setup, sounds, MSD Box - rockgod88 Shocks - Mark Colineri Original Chassis - Kozak Knuckles, Axles - Klayton Firestones - Andrew FTI Transfer Case, Gauges, EFI Screen, ISP Seat - Steele Merlin Engine, Rad/Fans, Overflow Tank - Andrew Sheets Merlin Engine, Rad/Fans, Fire Extinguisher, Body - fernBurn Rear Steer Motor - dd908 Shifter, Power & Fuel Switches - crazyman444 Transmission, Batteries - RockCrwlr Driver Model - Helen Weales Truck Mini Template - ZonR If I missed anyone out let me know and I will credit you! ENJOY!!
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Was contacted by Blake to put together a custom truck for him to run in Joe's virtual Outlaw Monster Truck Drags shows. The idea was to base the body design off of his Granger Racing ATV, this is what I came up with! WILL ONLY WORK ON THE NEWEST VERSION OF ROR! NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM Credits Blender work, paint, butler built head restraint, wiring/plumbing, RII strips, minor chassis edits - Me Chassis - Outlawed 540 Merlin, Radiator & Fans, Collector Headers, Fire Extinguisher, Fuel Cell - fernBurn 540 Merlin, Radiator & Fans, Collector Headers, Overflow tank, Fuel Cell, BKT's, Body - Andrew Sheets N/B Setup, sounds, MSD Box - rockgod88 Shocks - Mark Colineri Knuckles, Axles - Klayton FTI Transfer Case, EFI Screen, ISP Seat, Gauges - Steele Rear steer motor - dd908 Shifter, Power/Fuel switches - crazyman444 Transmission, Batteries - RockCrwlr RII Box - DanDon Driver Model - Helen Weales Mini Template - ZonR Reference pictures, input for paint design - Blake Granger ENJOY!
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Realistic custom Gaithersburg track layouts I've had in my head for a minute.. Comes with two different layouts, so four tracks in all (Custom 1 Racing, Custom 1 Freestyle, Custom 2 Racing, Custom 2 Freestyle). Custom 1 is the J-hook style racing, start on the same side of the bus, charge down towards the trailers, make a U-turn around the blue turning poles and finish over the dirt ramps. Custom 2 is a unique twist on Chicago style racing. Trucks start on opposite sides of the bus in the middle of the track, each truck hits the steep side of the ramp, goes over the bus, then makes a left turn around the turn post over the dirt ramp. I envisioned the racing course to be one hit over the bus to start, then one hit on each dirt ramp, meaning the trucks would finish and hit the final jump in the same direction that they started over the bus. Credits: Me, Klayton, Hot Shoe Should work in .3 and .4. Comment below if there are issues and I will see what I can do to resolve them. Enjoy!
  23. Version 1.0.0


    !!NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM!! If you see uncredited parts and know the author, or your parts are on this truck without credit please DM me so I can update the list! OG_N/B - Box5Diesel Body/Headers/RII light strips/Hat/Setup - ChargerNew Node/Beam & Cleaning up meshes - 4x4convoy Axles/Tcase/SwayBars/HeaderFlange/GD35Rim/MSD - rockgod88 Chassis mesh - Outlawed/Kazok 4-Link meshes - RockCrwlr/Klayton 540 engine - fernBurn & Andrew/sheetan22 Derale engine fan & Radiator/Fuel cell - fernBurn New gauges - RKM & Autometer RII box/Pedals - GD35 Sounds - Wambo Firestone tires - Bad Habit Relapse Gen 4 BKTs - Bad Company 2020 SIR tires - sheetan22
  24. Version 2.0.0


    This is David Trevino's Custom Truck I made for the All-Star Challenge. This is NOT an open Custom ask before use, Thank You!! Works on newest ROR don’t think it works on any other version If I missed anyone for credit please let me know and I will fix that error. There are 3 options for this truck: BKT's Ukraine's Goodyear's Credits: Paint/Screenshots: Tyler Rayas Grill Paint: Maker of Assassin Monster Truck on SM Props: SM Community, Blaise Chassis: Kozak Body: Andrew Sheets Engine: Wambo/Fern
  25. [TRACK] : Royal Farms Arena Name: MTWS 2019 Venue: Baltimore, MD Racing Style: Vegas & St.Louis Style Replica or Custom: Custom Date Ran: 8-26-2019 Images/Videos:
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