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Found 12 results

  1. Bored anyone wanna have a fun run sign up like this please pick 2 trucks Name stinger trucks bounty hunter 2018 and gas monkey link discord name stinger #5506
  2. Finally we have reached the final day of 2018 and what a better way to celebrate then to have 1 last fun run so at 2:30 we will have one last fun run at Anaheim 2017 the FS1 West please pick 2 trucks to run NAME prettywickedson truck hurricane force and black pearl link discord name stinger#5506
  3. At 1:00 we will be having another Fun Run at Toronto 2018. We will have Racing Two Wheel Skill and Freestyle. Please put this information below Name Stinger Truck Hurricane force Link to truck And Discord name stinger#5506 hope to see some people sign up
  4. Fun run will be at the Arnhem 2013 track at 1:30 we will be doing two wheel skill and freestyle REPLICAS ONLY please give the following information Name stinger Truck Fullboar 2.0 Link to the truck http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3075-fullboar-20/ And your Discord name stinger please try to be signed up by at least 1:15
  5. two wheel skill and freestyle REPLICAS ONLY please put this information Name [stinger] Truck [Monster Patrol] Link to truck Discord Name [stinger]
  6. fun run @newOrleans please join the discord if u want to compete https://discord.gg/cFQt5jU the time 5:30 pm raceing 2 wheels and freestyle when TONIGHT!! also this will be live streamed please make your truck 2017 or 2018 please Jake Cranford-earth shaker Jetfighter73-over board gavin hill-Great clips 2018 Ryanlacross aka josh-wild flower BradKerlin-mutant Agolf-pirates curse rummel wave-Gas Monkey Garage
  7. Hosting a fun run at 2016 FS1 Atlanta Racing and Freestyle. Signups due by 3:00 PM EST. Event starts @ 3:15 PM EST Signups should look like this: Server: Server info: ror.cover6.net port: 12001 I am stupid... here. Sorry for huge font. SERVER WORKS FOR ALL VERSIONS! one more thing... https://discord.gg/qxCFPH join that so I don't have to update this every 5 seconds. Name (On Server): ShockReBoUnD Truck: El Toro Loco 2017 (Yellow) Link:
  8. Hosting a fun run at 2016 FS1 Atlanta Racing and Freestyle. Signups due by 2:30 PM EST. Signups should look like this: Name (On Server): ShockReBoUnD Truck: El Toro Loco 2017 (Yellow) Link:
  9. AvengerBen

    fun run

    Hey i am hosting a fun run now if any one wants to join it will be hosted on .4
  10. Hey just saying that hosting a fun run on 12/11/16join Skype Skype:Ben Hall Truck Name Pirates Curse
  11. I'm gonna try this again after Bloomsburg failed. Barcelona is an outdoor circuit track that throws you through tunnels, over bridges, and across huge jumps. This particular track was used in the Monster Outlaws series on Sim-Monsters. I'm only requiring 8 sign-ups for this course as usual, and this time, the date will be posted. Server will be given in pre-event group chat. The event will consist of qualifying, racing, and freestyle. Racing lineup will be determined through qualifying, and freestyle lineup will be determined through racing. Date: Saturday, July 16th, 2016 Time: 8 PM EST Please post a form with your sign up info like below: Name: Truck: Please stay within the v4 pack and the Chris Hamilton/Edy Beltran update pack to make sure everyone can see your truck without having to download it. Qualifying rules: I will message you one by one to qualify before the event starts. This will most likely start at about 12 PM EST so I can get your times in early and have time to arrange the brackets. I will give you multiple shots at showing up for qualifying. Two will be when your designated time arrives, one once everyone has qualified, and one approximately an hour after everyone has qualified. If you do not show up for qualifying, you will not participate in the run and the opponent will have a bye-run. If you show up during racing, you will spectate and declare winners. If you show up in time for freestyle, you will go first. Racing rules: False starts will result in a DQ. A countdown will be given by the bot in the server via spectator. A spectator will determine the winner. There will be most likely more than one spectator, so being bias will most likely get you ruled out. Flipping your truck for any reason will result in a DNF (backspace is not allowed). Getting your tires stuck on the barrels will result in a DNF. You will not be able to win the race anyway Freestyle rules: Each run will be 90 seconds and timed by a spectator. You will line up at the start line of your choice of lane. A bot will count you in. Flipping your truck for any reason will result in a DNF (backspace and hack/spin saving is not allowed). False starts will result in a recount and you will start over. I will select 2 judges to give you a score on your run. Each of their scores is out of 10, so the total will add to a total of 20. Do not complain over your score. If your run sucked, it sucked. If you get your truck stuck on a barrel, you have 10 seconds to get it unstuck and continue your run. Other than that, have fun! I will post brackets and such when qualifying is complete. Please post below if the time and date do not comply for you. Here is a video to explain how the course should be taken for each lane. For the red lane, begin at 0:00. For the blue lane, begin at 1:30.
  12. SIGN UPS ARE CLOSED! Welcome again! Since the first one went so well, I figured we'd try another fun run and see what happens. Today's event will be run on the Arlington 2015 track. Thanks for the support, and I'll see you on the track! Information: Version 0.37 Arlington 2015 Replica Trucks ONLY Two competitions: Racing and Freestyle Racing will be a blind draw bracket Hacksteering is NOT permitted Freestyle will be judged by the SSRS format Server + Live Results provided The rest of the rules will be covered in the drivers meeting Time/Date: 2/15/2016 Sign ups close at 5:45 PM EST AIM chat opens at 6:00 PM EST Event starts at 6:15 PM EST Track Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3aez2w3c67lvoyd/Arlington2015.zip Live Results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KGnhsuotZ3gLA9Kk3AbtOWNEH0XrWlL5DmkTsyqrNqg/edit#gid=0 Example Sign Up: Name: Michael Alford AIM: silversword101@yahoo.com Truck: Son-Uva Digger Link: Field of Trucks: Son-Uva Digger driven by Michael Alford, El Toro Loco driven by Seth Holloway, Northern Nightmare driven by Blake Thompson, Monster Energy driven by James Richard III, Madusa driven by Marcus Santana, Scooby-Doo driven by Jacob Silvia, Metal Mulisha driven by Aaron Lurie, Lucas Oil Crusader driven by Daniel Simon, Grave Digger driven by Devin Doss, Monster Mutt driven by Dalton Widner, Max-D driven by Joshua Micks, Blue Thunder driven by Jack Merkle, Bounty Hunter driven by Chadwick Deerfoot, Carolina Crusher driven by Isiah Brown, Avenger driven by Jack Mccarthy, Hot Wheels driven by Andrew Sheets and New Earth Authority driven by Preston Perez!
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