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  1. Hi, I'm fairly new to playing RoR (like two days) and I already have circuits and trucks; however, I noticed that when playing it is very difficult to control the truck. First, because when you want to turn you have to make a very wide turn because the truck can't make short turns, hence I can't control where to go. Also, the way the truck moves its difficult and I could say "slow" so my direction is not certain, plus it is very difficult to jump and control the truck at landing. I basically want to know how to make it easier to drive a truck (and I have tried other cars maybe like 2 times so
  2. I am having a hard time extracting a track from blender. I am new to making tracks so if anyone could reach out to me it would be great. You can DM me on instagram at monsterjamsuperfan2020 or my discord is Megafan2020#9571. It would mean a lot
  3. So i was changing the tires on one of my trucks and the tires only show up but not the truck. Does anybody know how to fix this?
  4. Having never played RoR before but always wanting to, I finally downloaded the latest version of RoR along with the WF20 track and a few trucks. Everything runs smoothly, except that I cannot reverse or use rear steering. I'm sure that I'm just being stupid and cannot find the correct buttons to use, but any help will be appreciated
  5. Hey everyone, On the old Rigs of Rods i was able to use my xbox one/360 controler to drive the monster trucks. I'd use X and Bfor rear steering now i can't use rear steer at all. Is there anyway i can change this in the files or do i have do downlaod something isntead?.
  6. Whenever I activate rear steer on my trucks, the throttle button will cease to function. When im on the throttle the rear steer does not work. Any ideas? Playing on keyboard.
  7. Guys my blender when im exporting a track is not working and is always show a error on the corner of the screen and when everything is maped and in one mesh can some one help me ples!!!!
  8. So I had previously asked a question on this form about the sound not working in Rigs of Rods Some of you suggested sound-packs, but when I looked through the truck files, I saw that they all had sound and should be working. I even played some of the sounds on my computer, but not in-game. I looked at the configurator and saw the sound on the master volume was low, so I cranked it up and went in, but still no sound. Then I went into the in-game settings adjuster on the main menu screen and realized it said only .1% for the master volume. I moved it to 100% and had to restart the game
  9. the version of blender i use is blender 2.75 and i need help with some tracks. the modeling is finish for the tracks i just need help with this textures and i follow tutorials and everything i need some one to do it when i could do the paint i will send the files to who could help OK guys and thank you if anyone could.
  10. im working on a track right now and all the 3d molding on blender 2.49 finish and I need some one to give the textures out. I do not have time now to texture the track and I need to make the tracks color blue, orange , and white also the cars similar! this is a custom mile high stadium/ sport athourtiy field custom track and message men when any you guys want to help ok guys and thank you if any of u going to help!
  11. So I have been wanting to edit a truck in Blender and I am not sure on this question I have. Can you take a .mesh file from the truck zip and import it into Blender. If so, how would you get the .mesh into Blender? Thanks in advance for any replies! - Lance
  12. Hey If You Know Any Tracks That Are On SM Please Post It Here Because I Need It For My League And I Cant Find Any MTT Tracks
  13. c0nman


    Hello all. I'm in need of help with a truck I'm making. It's not 2018 Fluffy, but something else I've decided to work with. I''m having trouble finding the file where the chassis and rims are displayed. I can't find them = I can't paint them. Just say I'm editing a Grave Digger to fix a minor issue with the paintwork. Lets start with the file "GraveDigger34.png". That displays the body texture layout and a few other bits and bobs that I don't even know the name of. I've finished "fixing" the bug with the bodywork and I'm now moving onward to the chassis and rim paint. I've been sear
  14. Hey guys. I have @Chazzymp new Black Pearl, and the over bored pack(as specified). I noticed on the two trucks that have BKT's, (Over Bored and Black Pearl), only my right front and left rear show up. Ive regened my cache, unzipped it and put it in the pack, and all kinds of other stuff. Please help. Thanks.
  15. All of my trucks are white and so is the chassis and wheels. I tried regen chache and clear chache but they dont work.. Reply to this if you know how to fix
  16. All of my trucks are white and so is the chassis and wheels. I tried regen chache and clear chache but they dont work.. Reply to this if you know how to fix
  17. Hey guys! I have a new paint i want to put on an old Digger body. How can i add that paint to it? Do i delete the old PNG and add the new one? Thanks, NtheDiggerfan
  18. All the trucks I have downloaded from the website for 0.4 do not have sound. I have turned he volume on and checked to make sure it was not on mute. Any suggestions? I'm running 0.4.7 for your information.
  19. Okay so I wouldn’t say I’m “New” to rigs of rods, but I’m no veteran. To put it simply for those who are willing to help out I barely know how to add modded trucks into the game. Luckily my gf mods sims all time and she teached me. A+ for the WiFu. ANYWAYS couple of questions for the veteran players that could lend me a hand. 1.multiplayer. Loading up the game pops up the main menu and “multiplayer” is darkened and cannot be clicked on or loaded up. But I can load into single player no problem. Am I missing some critical detail to enable myself to join leagues or fun runs or is it somethi
  20. The rear steer for all of my 0.4 trucks are unresponsive. They are mapped to F1 and F2 but neither work. And when trying to re map. Nothing happened.
  21. Hello, Sim Monsters community! I was wondering how you would go about converting truck and or track files from 0.37, or 0.38 to fit the 0.4 compatibility requirements. I am not a modder, although I would like to become one, as I am a newb to that, I am not sure how to go about it. Any suggestions? Thanks. I am running 0.4.7 by the way.
  22. hey guys it's been awhile ik, but I got a Logitech g920 for my birthday and I wanted to use it for ror, but I noticed there is no Logitech g920 control map, and I'm asking for some help. thank you
  23. I am planning on hosting a fun run two weeks from now and I was wondering how to make a server? Can anyone tell me?
  24. Ok so everytime I spawn a truck in .38, I can get in it and it shows up on the track, but I can't get any of the control to work! It steers and that's it. and the HUD is somewhat frozen. PLEASE HELP
  25. Hi! Here again. So, I really want to use the breakable trucks for download on this site but I cant find .38.67 anywhere! It sucks. And all the versions of tried other than 37.126 get error 6 and cant find a Config file. Someone please help!
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