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  1. I wasn't stopped last time making this, so here I go again... Here's what we currently know about the upcoming 2023 season regarding Monster Trucks! Trucks: - Just Get Er Done II will be making it's first quarter return to Monster Jam, competing in Arena Championship Series Central. - Spider-Man is one of numerous Marvel trucks confirmed to be returning for Monster Jam, in both US and International shows. - Max-D will be sporting a special 20th anniversary scheme for the 2023 Season, dubbed as "Max-D XX". Drivers: - After five years of driving for Badlands Racing, Bailey Shea is back in Monster Jam. She will be joining Team Throttle Monster to drive Monster Mutt Dalmatian on the Kamikaze chassis for Arena Championship Series West. - Mikayla Tulachka will be making her Monster Jam debut on Arena Championship Series Central, driving Megalodon on the Miss Get Er Done chassis, This makes her only the second female to drive Megalodon, with the first being Kristen Hope in 2018 on the Razin' Kane chassis. - Linsey Read will make her first quarter return since 2020, driving Monster Mutt Dalmatian for Arena Championship Series East. - Dalton Widner will be making his first quarter arena debut in Jurassic Attack for Arena Championship Series West. Fellow Team Throttle member David "Too Tall" Olfert will also be making his first quarter stadium debut in Velociraptor for Stadium Championship Series Red. Monster Jam: - According to the 2023 Season Kickoff Stream, all of the tours revealed are not fully confirmed yet, meaning that there are spots that will still need to be filled. A Driver's Summit will be held in November to announce the rest of the lineups, as well as new trucks/designs. - Monster Jam World Finals XXII will be held in Nashville, TN on July 1st, making this the first time since World Finals XIII to have all competitions held on one day. The Awards Ceremony will be held the following day. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *edited on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022 at 11:14 AM est (If you want to give me some tips and tricks on how to improve this, then dm me on Discord: Chaos2TheMax#8628)
  2. Version 1.0.0


    this was for the for the for josh kingma world finals. found the link for this track so i decided to upload it. Not my best work but pretty fun to drive on. My discord is Jeremy Castillo#4078 if you have any issues with the track. minions the rise of gru
  3. 1,316 downloads

    @Nick Worthmenput this truck together for me, what a hero. @Double.D ッ painted this truck for me, what a hero. I made the body, please don't use this body.
  4. 2,233 downloads

    Another collaboration between @Edyand I. Edy made the stadium model and I made the track. Have fun.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This is a track I threw together based of a mix of Newark & Long Island NY. The pod is pretty sound, & I finally fixed the mini-flip ramp FPS issue. I will not the exterior is simply custom, I have never been to this venue, however I wanted to give it some updates since I don't have any newer arenas to use at this time. I did make it a straight entry tunnel which is true to the venue, however I cannot promise anything is perfectly accurate! I hope y'all enjoy, let me know if I forgot anyone in the credits or if there are any issues!
  6. With the Monster Jam 2022 Season Kickoff discussing lots of new things about next season, alongside certain trucks being sold, I thought "Hey, don't you think it's time to make yet another one of those official threads where you work your butt off to keep it as accurate as possible?" Well, if nobody wants to stop me, then here we go again... Here is what we currently know about the upcoming 2022 season regarding Monster Trucks! Trucks: - FELD is bringing back the Lucas Oil Stabilizer name for the 2022 Monster Jam season. It will be driven by Cynthia Gauthier for Stadium Championship Series Red. - To commemorate the trucks 40th Anniversary, the Grave Digger team will be running special designs throughout the 2022 season. - In an Instagram posted by Bernard Lyght, he hinted that Alien Invasion could potentially be retiring after 2021, possibly after the Tacoma events. -Monster Jam confirmed that the following trucks would not compete in any events in 2022 (unless more events are added in the season): Alien Invasion, Blue Thunder, Dragon, Monster Mutt Dalmation, Monster Mutt Rottweiler, Northern Nightmare, BroDozer, and BroCamino. - Monster Energy is not listed as a competing truck in any Monster Jam Series. There is a rumor that it is due to the contract expiring, and is currently awaiting to be renewed. - Wrecking Machine and Rockwell R.E.D made their stadium debuts on October 9th in El Paso. Drivers: - After nearly 5 years of driving Alien Invasion, Bernard Lyght will be moving to Megalodon for the Arena Championship Series East tour. - Charlie Pauken will be returning to team Monster Mutt for the first time since 2017 for Stadium Championship Series Yellow. - Tristan England will be returning back to EarthShaker for the Arena Championship Series West tour. - Colton Eichelberger, Tyler Menninga, Mark List, Kraig Champion, Mike Christensen, and Paul Jensen will be making their first quarter debuts in stadiums. Monster Jam: -Monster Jam confirmed via the 2022 Season Kickoff Stream that Monster Jam World Finals 21 will take place on May 21st-May 22nd, 2022. They have also confirmed an encore for both the 30th anniversary of Monster Jam (Tom Meents will attempt a forward momentum reverse backflip) on Saturday, and the 40th anniversary of Grave Digger (a truck jump performed by Adam Anderson) on Sunday. -Five tours will be ran for the 2022 Monster Jam season, two Stadium Championship tours (Red & Yellow) and three Arena Championship tours (West, East, & Central). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *edited on Tuesday, January 4th, 2022 at 8:54 am est (If you want to give me some tips and tricks on how to improve this, then dm me on Discord: Chaos2TheMax#8628)
  7. Version 1.0.0


    If you like doing 90s then good luck.... it has big ramp, dirt, bus and car. don't drink the water from the pond dm me if you find bug ye okay. I put a bunch of names in credits so i hope i didn't miss anyone
  8. Version 1.0.2


    Spent a day with photoshop and trying to figure out how to clone, ended up very successful. Enjoy! Credits: Original Truck/Paint: Fern Chassis: Kozak Tires/Rims: Klayton Cloning/Paint: Alford Everything else: SM Content Creators If I forgot anyone who would like to be mentioned, please contact me and I will fix as soon as I can.
  9. 3,543 downloads

    Monster Jam. Thank you to the people that sent me the graphics for the ribbon board and video board.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    the track from the ROR Monster jam series. WARNING I DID NOT MAKE THE TRACK, IT BELONGS TO THE ORIGINAL OWNERS!!! Known bugs: lag going over tanker and blue lighting jump. This will work with 37 & 38 THANKS FOR DOWNLOADING!!
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Semi-replica of Bauhaus (truck ran on Sweden Monster Jam shows from 2014 to 2016) My first truck so it's not accurate and contains some errors. Credits: fernBurn - truck file prop placement & Shocks Mohawk Markus - Paint Wambo - Engine Klayton - Rims, Batteries, Body Kozak - Chassis Ryan - Gauges *Standalone truck: extract to your "Vehicles" folder and ENJOY!
  12. Name: World Finals XIX[Track Request] Venue: Sam Boyd Stadium Racing Style: Vegas Style Replica Or Custom: Replica Date Ran: March 23-24, 2018 Add Freestyle Images/Graphics: Racing Track Freestyle Track
  13. The road to the All Elite Monster Trucks World Finals 1 in Glendale, Arizona is fastly approaching! Below is a summary of the Qualifying that has taken place, and information on the event! Qualifying Results: Double or Nothing Field: 8 of AEMT's best up and coming drivers put their best efforts to see who can earn that coveted 16th Spot in the Mainfield! Zach Romig, taking over for the Twisted Addiction team, shocked the tour by claiming the fastest time in the Double or Nothing Field. Tim Clapper, who made his only appearance at Arlington, made a great pass in Mutant Super Soda, claiming the 2nd spot. Freddy Dinapoli and Billy Badass also laid down exceptional times, giving them the 3rd and 4th spot in the Qualifying Sheet. Here's how the field played out: 1. Zach Romig (Twisted Addiction) - 26.76 2. Tim Clapper (Mutant Supersoda) - 27.03 3. Freddy Dinapoli (Wild Side) - 28.17 4. Billy Badass (Max-D Fire) - 29.43 5. Marshall Harris (Max-D) - 30.16 6. Joseph Rodriguez (Carolina Crusher) - 30.31 7. Pedro Mendez (Bakugan Dragonoid) - 30.81 8. Amari Nuanes (Grave Digger the Legend) - 34.24 Main Field: After an all out assault for the entire season, it has all culminated to this moment. 15 Drivers put their best foot forward, trying to claim the top spot, as this will impact their night in Racing. The winner of the Double or Nothing Field will have a tough Round 1 match up, facing off against the fastest qualifier and the Stadium Championship Series Winner, Travis Palm in Wrecking Machine. Danny Walker, one of the most consistent drivers in the tour, and a threat to take the racing win from Travis, took the Great Clips Mohawk Warrior to new heights, claiming the third fastest position in the field. Max almost matched Danny's 25.53 with is impressive 25.58, putting him in third. The Three Arena Muskateers, being Lionel Herrera, Dillon Kearns, and Jackson Meszaros, all laid down exceptional passes, even qualifying higher than season veteran Jonathan "Deli" Zimmerman in Gas Monkey Garage, as well as Armando Barbosa in Grave Digger. Here's how the field played out: 1. Travis Palm (Wrecking Machine) -25.26 2. Danny Walker (Great Clips Mohawk Warrior) - 25.53 3. Max Silver (Avenger) - 25.58 4. Lionel Herrera (Zombie Fire) - 25.81 5. Dillon Kearns (Megalodon) - 26.12 6. Jackson Meszaros (Monster Mutt Rottweiler) - 26.18 7. Armando Barbosa (Grave Digger) - 26.24 8. Devon Dunlap (El Diablo) - 26.41 9. Jonathan "Deli" Zimmerman (Gas Monkey Garage) - 26.49 10. Marcelo Mendoza (Doom'sDay)- 26.57 11. Ewan Ford (El Toro Loco Black) - 27.02 12. Jackson Morris (VP Racing Fuel Mad Scientist) - 28.40 13. Drew Daro (Black Pearl) - 29.74 14. Trooper Balcazar (Rage) - 33.54 15. Taylor Andes (Son-Uva-Digger) - DNF Stay tuned for more information about the first ever AEMT World Finals very soon!
  14. Version (0.37 and 0.4 Compatible)


    I've had this track sitting for a while and never finished it. The opportunity arose and I had to finish it. The track isn't perfect, but it's pretty decent. Credit: maxdman Klayton Edy Various other track creators that I've forgotten, comment below if I did. Enjoy!
  15. Version 1.0.0


    I'm a movin' violation baby HOT HOT, HOT HOT! CREDITS: Original Trucks - John Dough, monsterjam507yt, and sugu341 Paint - Me If you want credit for something, message me. Go big, go HOT WHEELS!!!
  16. After 3 long months of being absent from the action, I can happily say that I am coming back into the action! I've missed the thrill for so long, but now the wait is finally over. I will be hosting a fun run consisting of 6 drivers on December 26th, 2020. The fun run will be hosted on my private server (provided below). We will be doing two rounds of events (round 1: racing, best trick, freestyle. round 2: racing, best trick, freestyle). After round 1, we will have a 5 minute intermission before starting round 2. After both rounds, the two overall event champions will battle off in a freestyle-off, the highest score wins the entire fun run. If in the event that one person sweeps both overall event championships, the runner-up in the overall point standings will face the overall event champion in the freestyle-off, if the overall champion wins, then he/she is deemed the fun run champion. If the runner-up wins the freestyle, then he/she is deemed the fun run champion. Signup Format: Username: Chaos2TheMax Discord: Chaos2TheMax#8628 Truck Being Used: Bearly Tame 2020 Truck Link (must be on sims): COMPETITORS: 1. Chaos2TheMax- Bearly Tame 2020 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. SERVER STUFF: Server Address: qgservers.org Server IP: 12448 Server Password: MonsterJam1 edit: fun run is postponed due to internet problems
  17. Welcome to All Elite Monster Trucks, a Sim Monsters league focused on putting your virtual skills to the test in a multi tour league. In this league, drivers will compete in either the Stadium Series or the Arena Series to gain the points championship and a chance to compete in the World Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada. A set list of trucks have been chosen by the Moderators for competitors to chose from, with certain trucks locked under either the Stadium Series or Arena Series. Sign Ups for Stadiums & Arena's will commence on Thursday the 5th of November at 4pm EST in a separate forum post. Events for both the Stadium Series & Arena Series will commence in December 2020, with a pre season event for both Stadium's & Arena's commencing in late November (date yet to be decided). If you have any questions in regards to how to sign up please contact me on my Discord (MJH#6111) for further help. League Links All Elite Monster Trucks Rulebook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pAl8M8y_Olyahg8X1cODrTuxR_RUNy93sbHSy9GHuHs/edit?usp=sharing All Elite Monster Trucks Spreadsheet (Including Stadium & Arena Series Lineups): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jOqP-NUnq2f1hslJxve6E3HCd8QkKj92iM1Mh5yhUqg/edit?usp=sharing
  18. While I haven't posted a lot of fun runs here, this will be my last "online" event that i will compete before I partly retire from any league until early/late December due to my main pc giving up on me (as I am using my backup pc, thats very laggy lmao rip). But anyway, tomorrow I will host a fun run on the New Orleans 2020 RORMJL track, the max signups will be 10 trucks (first come first serve, first signup being myself because logic lmao). SIGNUPS ARE OPEN NOW AND WILL CLOSE TOMORROW AT 3:20 PM EST (2:20 PM CT) OR WILL CLOSE WHEN THE 10th PARTICIPANT HAS SIGNED UP will be using my private ror server that I will provide in discord dm's. Racing will be demonstrated by myself in both lanes. After racing I will announce the skills order and we will have the skills challenge, where you can do two hits, or spin into cyclonic action. After skills challenge (announcing the skills winner and points as of skills) we will have a small break, then I will announce the freestyle order and we will move on to freestyle. Freestyle will be 2 min, you do not have to fill 30 secs to get a eligible score (if you crash before 30 sec, you will still get a score). Keep it realistic, two hard hits and you're done. I WILL EXPLAIN THIS AGAIN 5 MINUTES BEFORE EVENT, AS WELL AS ANNOUNCING THE BRACKET FOR RACING -WE WILL HAVE AN OVERALL EVENT CHAMPION- I will be using my custom Axe truck that i edited from the Avenger 2019 Pack. DM me on discord for link: Chaos2TheMax#8628 ROSTER: 1. Axe: Chaos2TheMax 2. Whiplash: DoubleToB 3. Barbarian: BradKerlin 4. El Toro Loco: ABgamerX 5. Invader: krazyd24 6. Big Kahuna: tnrdelvo 7. Bulldozer: azza9oo9 8. TBD 9. TBD 10. TBD SIGNUP FORMAT: Truck: Discord:
  19. Version 1.0.1


    track track track track track track car track dirt... If you have any older versions of this track, please download this one and replace the old one.
  20. Name: Monster Jam Steel Titans Wilkes Barre Arena Venue: Mohegan Sun Arena Racing Style: Chicago Style Include: Skills Challenge & Freestyle Replica Or Custom: Replica Date Ran: ??? Images Or Graphics:
  21. Name: Wonder Woman Monster Jam Truck Body Style: Custom 3D Body Engine: 540ci Merlin Transmission: Coan 2-Speed Chassis: Carrol Racing Development Tires: 3rd Gen BKT Paint: Red, Silver, Gold Photo:
  22. Name: World Finals 10 Venue: Sam Boyd Stadium Date Ran: March 27-28, 2009 Replica Or Custom: Replica Photo/Graphics:
  23. 5,431 downloads

    This is definitely a track. Surely one of them. I spent too long on this. This track is only guaranteed to work on Rigs of Rods 0.4.8 These are the people that have their content on this track: Aaron Lurie Danny Mackey Klayton Halog MaxDMan Other people who provided various goods and services: Jon Zimmer Blair Lockhart Devin Doss Jack Merkle Andrew Sheets 4x4Convoy Julio Vellon Jr Joshua "m1cks" Micks Mason Runkel A few things to note: Shadows This track has working shadows on the meshes, which you can take advantage of by enabling "PSSM" in your settings in version 0.4.8. Races There are working timed races on the racing version that work in ROR 0.4.8. If you cross the start line before the race, simply reset your truck to cancel the current race. Yeah, that should be everything. I appreciate everyone that has helped get this project to the level that it's at. Have fun!
  24. Name: Monster Energy 2020 Pack Todd's Monster Energy Body Style: Cadillac Escalade Engine: 540ci Merlin Transmission: Coan 2-Speed Chassis: Carroll Racing Development Tires: 66" Terra/BKT Paint: Black & Green Coty Saucier/Steven Sims Monster Energy Body Style: Ford F-150 Engine: 540ci Merlin Transmission: Coan 2-Speed Chassis: Carroll Racing Development Tires: 66" Terra/BKT Paint: Black & Green
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