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Found 17 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    the track from the ROR Monster jam series. WARNING I DID NOT MAKE THE TRACK, IT BELONGS TO THE ORIGINAL OWNERS!!! Known bugs: lag going over tanker and blue lighting jump. This will work with 37 & 38 THANKS FOR DOWNLOADING!!
  2. Does anyone want to play ror ( rigs of rods ) with me? I have 4.6.0 because its gud xd. Please don't cuss. Just so we can talk to each other, Friend me on discord! User: Fossal#0711
  3. So i just download ror about 1 month ago and so far all of my trucks are missing bkts. i dont know why this is happening but if you know how to fix this lmk asap. thanks
  4. Hi. I'm relatively new here, and wanted to connect my Xbox one Controller to Windows 8 to play RoR Monster Jam. Is there any special steps i need to take, any downloads? What are the controls? Any Help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to this, hoping to play very soon!, Just a question... any way I can get an updated link of how to use an xbox one controller on ror? I've looked and cant seem to find one, so I can plug and play.
  6. Truck Idea: Grave Digger Chevy Trophy Truck for Rigs of Rods 0.4 Name: Grave Digger CTT Body: Chevy Trophy Truck Chassis: Any is fine as long as it is green Paint (images of color/graphics): Green Other details: Make sure it can have an interior view and has great header Grave Digger type sounds *Use the Chevy type body found in this file above* *This is the type of color wanted* Skin: Grave Digger 30th Anniversary (Green and w/o the 30th Anniversary) Name: Grave Digger CTT Body: Chevy Trophy Truck Chassis: Any is fine as long as it is green Paint (images of color/graphics): The 30th Anniversary Grave Digger in the chrome green but without the 30th Anniversary logo Other details: A set of BKT tires, Green rims, skull and cross bone flag, and headers coming out of the side *The paint/livery design* *The type of tire* Lance
  7. Hello, Sim Monsters community! I was wondering how you would go about converting truck and or track files from 0.37, or 0.38 to fit the 0.4 compatibility requirements. I am not a modder, although I would like to become one, as I am a newb to that, I am not sure how to go about it. Any suggestions? Thanks. I am running 0.4.7 by the way.
  8. hey guys it's been awhile ik, but I got a Logitech g920 for my birthday and I wanted to use it for ror, but I noticed there is no Logitech g920 control map, and I'm asking for some help. thank you
  9. I open up Configurator, and I'll go into Render System and where it says "render system" there is a drop down menu which says OpenGL Rendering Subsystem. My friend says there should be a Direct 3D9 Rendering System, but its not there. Just the OpenGL one. Anyone know a way fix it?? Thanks.
  10. Hi I just bought a new laptop, my old one had volume keys at F11 and F12 but now my new one is F1 and F2 so I cant use Rear steer on trucks so... What should I do???
  11. I just got a new Laptop because my old one's memory disk broke... I can't find the version 0.45 of ROR, can someone link me to it please?
  12. So i was wondering how to use a PS3 control on RoR Without using MotionInJoy. whenever i download motion in joy i get an error or it either says ''DS3 Tool has stopped working'' so i was wondering if any of you know how to use PS3 control with RoR without using motioninjoy. Thanks!
  13. Title says it all... Can someone please help with that.
  14. I know now that the master server is down, but the avichtech (sorry if that's incorrect) server doesn't work, if I do find a way to get it to work, then whatever. But in the meantime, please link some servers that are currently working, thank you..
  15. I was surprised that the servers weren't shown up on the menu (Network), when I clicked Updates, nothing show up. Any explanations of why this happen?
  16. i have been trying to play on servers but when i press update nothing happens? i tried to download it again but the same thing happened do you guys know why?
  17. AvengerBen


    Hi my name is Ben and i am new and i would like to join the leagues
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