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This will be the first of two practice races and will be at the World Finals 9 track. We will be taking the first 18 entries, everyone else after that will be a fill-in(Fill-ins be ready an hour or so before the drivers meeting, if someone does not qualify you will be asked to run a qualifying run). This event will be starting at 8 EST because of some conflicts with my personal schedule, if everything goes smooth though it should be done fairly quick. To qualify, post in chat that you are ready to qualify (Only if an admin is online), and you will be sent a PM with what server to go into. If you post that you want to qualify before Saturday at 8, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RACE ON SUNDAY. Please do not spam the chat with multiple posts or all caps, we will get your qualifying run in when we are able to. We may be using aim but just for this event unless we find a teamspeak server. The server info will be posted during the drivers meeting and if you ask anyone for it before the event you will not be participating in this weeks events. Also one last thing, your name for when you enter the server should be the name of the truck you are in.

Event Schedule


8:00 PM EST: Qualifying Opens


8:00 PM EST: Qualifying Closes/Drivers Meeting

8:15 PM EST: Event Begins

11:00 PM EST: Estimated time of finish for the nights events

To sign up post a reply with the following info fully filled out(must use a truck from the truckpack)





Truck -- Driver

Bigfoot -- Cap

Blacksmith -- skullofdeath

Blue Thunder -- ARF Man

Bulldozer -- bigkeith11

Captain's Curse -- jarongoose

Grave Digger -- RKM

Grinder -- Casey Graves

Gunslinger -- crazyman444

Maximum Destruction -- JoshDIGRhodes

Monster Mutt Dalmation -- easy2

Mopar Magic -- thunder7845

Pastrana 199 -- tatsu

Spitfire -- rhcpfan652

Stone Crusher -- prmikee9

Taz -- henry99

TMNT -- MM21

Tropical Thunder -- chromethunder

War Wizard -- cman23


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Just one question...

When you're saying that Qualifying Ends at 8 pm Sunday, does that mean that qualifying will still be going on all day Sunday?

I need to know BAD because I won't be able to get on ROR until Sunday at like 6 pm or 7pm...

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