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1. Ryan McCauley, Backdraft: 369

2. Josh Rhodes, Wreckless Intent: 358

3. Eric Myers, Iron Outlaw: 340

4. Michael Desroches, Black Stallion : 339

5. Tyler May, Shock Therapy: 332

6. Tim Smith, Bigfoot: 260

7. Steve Harlow, Turtle: 256

8. Casey Graves, Grave Digger: 254

9. Stephen Hopkins, Lucas Oil Stabilizer: 205

10. Michael Murry, Maximum Destruction: 198

11. Sierra Sterling, Scarlet Bandit: 179(Rising Star Award for RMR, Nashville SS)

12. Keith Hollis, Bulldozer: 118

13. Magnus Birkelund, El Toro Loco: 117(Rising Star Award for Indianapolis)

14. Chris Kaelin, Grinder: 69

15. Tom Papaccio, Spitfire: 65

16. Tharindu Gonaduwagedon, Taz: 58(Rising Star Award for Hagerstown.)

17. Zach Steele, Mohawk Warrior: 58

18. Zach Nicholas, The Fox: 56

19. Andrew Field, Air Force Afterburner: 52

20. Jack Meredith, Predator: 50

Win Tally:

TQ's: Josh Rhodes(Indy, RMR), Ryan McCauley(Hagerstown), Tim Smith(Nashville), Tyler May(Philly)

Racing: Tyler May(Indy), Ryan McCauley(Hagerstown), Josh Rhodes(RMR), Tim Smith(Nashville,Philly)

Freestyle: Ryan McCauley(Indy, RMR,Philly), Josh Rhodes(Hagerstown, Nashville)

Indy Awards:

Rookie of the night: Magnus Birkelund. Magnus was an alternate, he didn't qualify in, but was fast enough to take over for one of those in the top 12 that DIDN'T show up. He took advantage and finished 4th overall!

Save of the Night: Ryan McCauley. Ryan took backdraft onto the sidewalls on the front stretch and did two complete revolutions before finally bringing the truck back down to earth. He also won Freestyle!

Race of the Night: Final Round Race 1, Tyler May vs Josh Rhodes. It was decided by an inch between the two drivers. Tyler would come out on top and after the 2nd race he would win his first ever racing event.

Wreck of the Night: Casey Graves. Grave Digger was taken onto a very violent rollover on the front stretch during Freestyle.

Consist Driver Award: Ryan McCauley. Scored 48 points in racing and 27 in freestyle to tie Tyler May for the overall championship lead.

Hagerstown Awards:

Consistent Driver Award: Ryan McCauley, scored 78 total points, was TQ, won Racing, and finished 2nd in Freestyle.

Wreck of the night: Magnus Birkelund, El Toro Loco found out the hard way that the speeds on a straight away at Hagerstown can cause some violent wrecks!

Race of the Night: Josh Rhodes vs Steve Harlow in the Semi-Finals was almost to close to call! Half Breed would come out on top.

Save of the Night: Josh Rhodes, Half Breed. Rhodes ended up on the wall saving it, however it was amazing nonetheless.

Rookie of the Night: Taz and Tharindu Gonaduwagedon qualified 5th and surprised alot of people by doing so. He had a solid freestyle and racing performance as well.

RMR Awards:

Consistent Driver Award: Josh Rhodes, Half Breed. Rhodes was TQ, Won Racing, and finished 2nd in Freestyle.

Wreck of the Night: Josh Rhodes, Half Breed during Freestyle. Wicked rollover cost Rhodes a chance to triple down.

Race of the Night. Stephen Hopkins vs Eric Myers in Round 2. This race went to the wire and the photo shows it:


Rookie of the Night: Sierra Sterling, Scarlet Bandit. In her first show out, Sierra qualified 5th, and started freestyle off strong!

Nashville Superspeedway Awards:

Consistent Driver Award: Josh Rhodes, Wreckless Intent. Scored 77 Total Points @ Nashville

Wreck of the Night: Tim Smith, Bigfoot. ALMOST saved a wild jump backsiding the crossover

Rookie of the Night: Sierra Sterling, Scarlet Bandit. Tough matchup in round 1 against Bigfoot, but still almost pulled the upset.

Save of the Night: Ryan McCauley, Backdraft. Indescribeable how good that save was.

Philly Awards:

Consistent Driver Award: Bigfoot and Timmy Smith for blowing the field away in racing.

Wreck of the Night: Iron Outlaw, Eric Myers for his wild tumble in Freestyle.

Save of the Night: Ryan McCauley, Backdraft. Just watch his freestyle. . .full of saves.


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I was at the hospital with my nan at 3:30pm PST after she had another erratic heartbeat episode after being released from hospital a week and a half ago. Sorry to say but my last alive grandparent takes importance over video games. I was hoping that my mtm2 reputation of not blowing off events would have given me a bit of lee way but no such luck.

Atleast the driver that took my spot made the most of it and like I said on AIM Josh I hope I didnt slow down proceedings.

Also I am not looking for pity so please do not message on this thread saying sorry to hear or anything, if you want to message me on AIM or whatever that is fine but this post is just for clarification purposes.


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