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V4 CustomCustom CRD Jester


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Custom CRD Jester

A neat custom that @nks1996 gave me the idea of, surprised the way it turned out. Thanks to Taylor_Jam_105 on Instagram for the original concept(you should check out his instagram by the way, creative kid) All I did was re-sketch the concept and added some extra features.


Original Truck Concept: Taylor_Jam_105 https://www.instagram.com/p/BWosMVnjh4N/?taken-by=taylor_jam_105

Paint: Me

Truck Making: @GDFAN14

Testing: @nks1996, @Chris B

Extra support: @LilXanGod and @StarksDoesMonsterJam

*If im missing anyone in credits, please tell me so that I may update it.*


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