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Monster Magic Repli-Custom

This was a fun One-Nighter. Theres 2 trucks that come in this. Neither are perfect. Paint isn't the greatest in the world, and on the qualifying version there was no way to delete only the rear or the wjbn so the hood is see-through from the seat or under the truck.

Paint is based on V4 but completely redone by me. (except hood pic cuz Fluff all that)

Construction by @Jon Cannon

Prop changing and cloning/customization of any kind was me.


Feel free to use this in whatever you want: Fun Runs, leagues (if you can idk rules or anything), and videos. If you make a Youtube video feel free to send the link and ill give you a free view lol. Hope you guys like my version of Monster Magic





theres so many people that made all the props so if you find yourself let me know and I'll give credit for whatever.


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