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Radical Rescue

Here's something I personally have wanted for some time. I've always loved the look of this truck so I brought it into the game using the old El Diablo truck that can be found here on the site. 

I've done a bit of prop replacement including 4links, tires, rims, shocks, swaybars, axles, knuckles, and probably like one more thing I'm forgetting. I've also thrown the truck on rockgod's 2k17Mulisha nb for better gearing, handling and shock response.

This was a fun quick project. Also I do apologize for not having and updated CHASSIS, i just am incapable of exporting things from blender (for a few reasons) and a simple chassis prop replacement wouldn't work because the body is awkwardly shaped and thin. Too much so for 90% of chassis.

credits for everything except this paint go to everyone who made the props and/or NB.

Hope you enjoy.


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