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How to Make Tracks in Blender 2.75


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Here is Part 1!


Here is the first part of hopefully an indepth series of how to create tracks in blender for rigs of rods. stay tuned for the next part to go over the importing of cars and making of ramps/jumps! If you have any questions, dont be afraid to ask!

Blender 2.75 Download:

My Blender Files:

Rock .blend Cars:


Part 2:


Here is part 2 on how to import cars into blender and how to make jumps. Stay tuned for Part 3 on how to paint!


Part 3:


Paint.net File:


Dirt Textures:



Part 4:


Track Exports:

EDIT: Don't be afraid to tell me what I can do better!


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1 hour ago, RockCrwlr said:

Holy poo i dont remember telling you to bevel like that. On another note, i suggest throwing up links to different cars. Those first ones i made are awful

Not gonna lie i didn't want to open this because I was expecting a hate comment. 

But on a real note, your cars are the only ones on the downloads that work. I wish I had some new ones

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