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(KOTH)Philly 2010

Casey Graves

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  • 4 years later...

Hi, thanks for your time and for sharing these awesome tracks!!  :D


I seem to be having an issue loading the track on my GNU/Linux compiled-from-source version of RoR -


I've placed the file in my 'terrains' folder where some other terrains are placed and working, but it doesn't show up in the list to select for gameplay (location: /home/me/.rigsofrods/terrains/Philly2010.zip)


I looked at the RoR.log file but it doesn't seem to help me find the problem.


Do you have any suggestions for how I can troubleshoot this and get it working?


Thanks Again!


Hmm.. looking again, seems there might be a newer format for 0.4 terrain system.. http://www.rigsofrods.com/wiki/pages/0.4_Terrain_System

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I see.. Thanks for the response.


Ok. I think I'm going to check on the Linux build scripts to see if I can select older versions of RoR to install.

Edit: I've suggested it here: https://github.com/Hiradur/rigsofrods-linuxscripts/issues/5 - Much thanks to Hiradur for these awesome scripts!!


I tried tinkering and converting this track over to the new format for a bit.. I made it as far as the name showing up for me to select in RoR.. yay! But then it crashes on loading...Heh..


I'll keep plugging at it. :P


On another, similar topic: I can't seem to find a way to filter downloads (tracks, trucks, etc.) that are RoR >= 0.4 compatible on sim-monsters.com. Am I doing it wrong?


If there is enough support for 0.4 out there to have this new type of category/search-filter available on sim-monsters.com, I'd like to suggest it be implemented. Seems like we'd need to have people specify in the file details on upload, whether a download is compatible with ROR >=0.4, via a checkbox or something.. Then a filter could be added to the search on the website. Just my two cents. Maybe there just aren't that many people using the newer version out there at this point..


Thanks again!

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