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KOTH Mini-Series Finale: Philly 2010


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Philly will host the final event of the KOTH Summer Heat mini-series. ONLY the top 10 in points are eligible to compete in this event, and those people are:

1. Josh Rhodes, Wreckless Intent: 300

2. Ryan McCauley, Backdraft: 296

3. Michael Desroches, Black Stallion : 279

4. Eric Myers, Iron Outlaw: 270

5. Tyler May, Shock Therapy: 263

6. Steve Harlow, Turtle: 199

7. Michael Murry, Maximum Destruction: 198

8. Casey Graves, Grave Digger: 193

9. Tim Smith, Bigfoot: 187

10. Stephen Hopkins, Lucas Oil Stabilizer: 140

If someone within the top 10 does not make the call, then those lower in points will be the first ones invited to fill in to make the feild of 10 for this event. Those people are:

11. Keith Hollis, Bulldozer: 118

12. Magnus Birkelund, El Toro Loco: 117(Rising Star Award for Indianapolis)

13. Sierra Sterling, Scarlet Bandit: 117(Rising Star Award for RMR, Nashville SS)

14. Chris Kaelin, Grinder: 69

15. Tom Papaccio, Spitfire: 65

16. Tharindu Gonaduwagedon, Taz: 58(Rising Star Award for Hagerstown.)

17. Zach Steele, Mohawk Warrior: 58

18. Zach Nicholas, The Fox: 56

19. Andrew Field, Air Force Afterburner: 52

20. Jack Meredith, Predator: 50

Qualifying, Racing, and Freestyle will be held shortly after the chat goes up on Friday. With a limited feild, theres no need to qualify early.

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1. Ryan McCauley, Backdraft: 369

2. Josh Rhodes, Wreckless Intent: 358

3. Eric Myers, Iron Outlaw: 340

4. Michael Desroches, Black Stallion : 339

5. Tyler May, Shock Therapy: 332

6. Tim Smith, Bigfoot: 260

7. Steve Harlow, Turtle: 256

8. Casey Graves, Grave Digger: 254

9. Stephen Hopkins, Lucas Oil Stabilizer: 205

10. Michael Murry, Maximum Destruction: 198

Final points standings for the 2011 KOTH Mini-Series. Everybody did great tonight, racing was close all night long, and freestyle delievered to. All around this was a fun little series to run to get everybody amped up for Sim-Monsters Season 2! Congradulations to Ryan McCauley on picking up the Mini-Series Championship!

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Proud to essentially have done 2/5 events and win both. Also glad I made it to sixth and hope that these results can roll into season 2! Good races to everyone at Summer Heat, good running Dig, and awesome job to Ryan for winning the championship. Good job all involved.

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