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Alright guys here is the 2nd and final tune up before the season officially starts. We will be at Vegas again and should start on schedule this week. A few changes to take note of for this week, we should be using some sort of web based chat server so we don't have to find you. Also another thing we may be trying is recording the event and maybe broadcasting it over ustream or livestream so the guys who are not racing at the time can watch. We only had a problem with one person the whole night with the RII'ing and he has been dealt with. If you decide to ignore the admins and peg your throttle when you leave the game expect a two week suspension from the series. We were two trucks short last week of a full field but I have to say the racing was really close and competitive, which made us really happy. Also a question was brought up about the RIIs, in most cases when I RII you, that will end your run, I think the only one who was let continue after an RII was Captain's Curse and that was because I pulled the trigger early on it. Last thing is that you guys have to fill the clock in freestyle, don't try and be a hero right of the first jump and go over in the first 10 seconds like a few guys did, the only 2 who did fill the clock finished 1st and tied for 2nd. When you ask to qualify also, don't make us wait more than 5 minutes because one guy did this about 3 times to rkm and liquidfire and they got very irritated about it. Just another reminder dont ask to qualify before 8 PM on Saturday.

Event Schedule


8:00 PM EST: Qualifying Opens


8:00 PM EST: Qualifying Closes/Drivers Meeting Begins

8:10 PM EST: Event Begins

10:30 PM EST: Estimated time of finish for the nights events

To sign up post a reply with the following info fully filled out(must use a truck from the truckpack)




Truck -- Driver

Air Force Afterburner -- Casey Graves

Backdraft -- Roach

Bad Habit -- Outlawed

Bad News -- Liquidfire

Blacksmith -- skullofdeath

Bounty Hunter -- JRobson

Captain's Curse -- jarongoose

Grave Digger -- ARF Man

Gunslinger -- crazyman444

Jurrasic Attack -- Patriotic Canadien

King Krunch -- Blake

Maximum Destruction -- RKM

MLB Bigfoot -- cman23

Nitro Circus -- Rexanator

Pastrana 199 - tatsu

Stone Crusher -- prmikee9

Superman -- Cortez11

Taurus -- bigkeith11

Entries - 18


Monster Mutt -- thunder7845

Tropical Thunder -- danny

Grinder -- tweak740

Qualifying Times:

Maximum Destruction -- 14.54

Bad News -- 15.08

Bad Habit -- 15.12

Grinder -- 15.40

Tropical Thunder -- 15.74

MLB Bigfoot -- 15.76

Air Force Afterburner -- 15.78

Bounty Hunter -- 15.97

Stone Crusher -- 16.24

Gunslinger -- 16.80

Grave Digger -- 16.93

Taurus -- 17.68

Backdraft -- 17.75

Pastrana 199 -- 23.13

Superman -- DNF (Wrecked in both of his runs)

Fill-ins Qual Times:

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