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Show Your Projects Chapter 66

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This is the final release for the truck settings that will be used for the upcoming season of NAMT!  These trucks have seen many iterations and changes over the past few months in the open beta, and I am very proud of the outcome.  The handling of these trucks are drastically different from trucks normally used for Rigs of Rods.

In order to make building trucks with these settings as easy as possible, each truck is propped and textured so all that is needed is a body.  Further, the trucks use a single texture to color many parts of the truck, including the chassis, shocks, swaybars, fourlinks, and rims.  This will allow for retexturing these components to be faster and easier.  Of course, those more experienced with truck building and Blender are welcome to add/change props used as they need.

The second zip in the download list is for building trucks.  The zip contains 8 separate folders with all the files required to make a single, standalone truck for NAMT.


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I was waiting for the IMTRS encore to show this

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Kudos for sticking with it Danny and props to those that were involved or assisted in any manner.
Been awhile since I have been this interested in ROR.

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1 hour ago, LordFrosting said:

Well, This is finally getting somewhere...

For NAMT and the Truck Fest at Least.....


Its nice to see your still alive

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