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Show Your Projects Chapter 66

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I was waiting for the IMTRS encore to show this

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3 hours ago, diggerthechamp said:

Working on some european tracks. Stockholm 2013, Brøndby (Copenhagen) 2008 and Stockholm 2004

Those are all looking really good, especially that second one 👍

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11 minutes ago, erhminer said:

Ok so I made this whole thing, but with so many new releases maybe i will re locate to mt. pleasant or bridgeport, thoughts? (I had to widen galot to fit this.)

I’m quite impressed by not only how quick you put together a decent track, but also by how many different race course ideas you have! Because of this, I think you could stick with your current track idea on this course and use different ideas for other locations. My only recommendation is providing visual track explanations for your racing courses. I think I can kinda figure out what you’re going for, but having a Track-X can just clarify everything. You’ve explained a few of them before, but just being consistent with all of them would be great!

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