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Cancelled renders of trucks

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Name: Maximum Destruction Render

Body: Futuristic SUV

Chassis: Willman

Paint:latest?cb=20191018002303latest?cb=20170727003458if anyone has the box of this diecast use the render on the left.


Name: Goldberg Cancelled Body

Chassis: Crd? Wilman?

Body: Alternate Futuristic SUV





Name: Monster Mutt With Teeth

Body: Chop Top Mercury with Teeth on front bumper

Chassis: I dunno



sorry for the low quality pics.


Name: Beware of the Junkyard Dog

Body: Willy's Pickup Truck

Chassis: no idea.

Paint: latest?cb=20150811170758latest?cb=20180827235800latest?cb=20180827235800latest?cb=20180827235800


Name: Cancelled 2005 Gunslinger

Chassis: I ain't good at guessing Chassises

Body: Ford F-150



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