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Lil Miss Dangerous (Aka High Maintenance) Pink and Lime Green Paint Job

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Now This Truck Specifically means quite a bit to me because not only was the driver super nice whenever i had met her, but this truck was also at the 1st Monster Truck show i ever went to. Now i will say, she had a ton of paint jobs for her truck over the years, it'd be nice to have the truck have a pack with all the paint jobs but if ya don't feel like getting all the paint jobs that's fine. the one with the Pink and Lime Green Paint would be the one i would Personally prefer. also if it would not be too big of an issue, it'd be nice to have 1 version with the tires she always used and the used 2nd Gen BKT Tires. 

Name : Lil Miss Dangerous/ High Maintenance 

Body : 1941 Willy's

Chassis: it'd be the same Chassis as the 1st Over Bored Truck, couldn't give ya exact name since it is a custom i think

Paint : Preferred Paint Job in the images

Tires : one with 66' Terra Tires, and one with the used 2nd Gen BKT Tires




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