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Official TLG Season 2 Sign-Ups Thread


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On 5/6/2020 at 7:17 PM, JackMProductions said:

Sign-ups for Season 2 of The Long Game will open on Saturday May 9th at 6PM EST.
Any posts before the start time will be disregarded.

Sign-ups close on May 23rd, one day before our pre-season event.


Here is some important information to read before signing up:

When choosing your truck, be specific as to which variation of the truck you will be running, if you're running a truck with multiple variations.
  -  A truck like Grave Digger or Bulldozer runs on multiple chassis with multiple setups, so be specific as to which one you will run as you must run that setup for the entire season. (Wild Hair must run the Replica setup)
  -  The name of each variation will be in parentheses next to the name of the truck on the official sign-up list, if it has more than one.
  -  Different paint schemes do not apply if the base of the truck is always the same, so there is no need to clarify in that case. Just make sure it is period-correct.

Some trucks may not be finished before sign-ups open, but if the truck is far enough along in progress to where it can be spawned ingame, it will be included on the sign-up list.
  -  More trucks may be added in the following weeks prior to the first event of Season 2 as they get finished, so keep an eye out for fresh picks in case your favorites get taken.

Already-released trucks may be updated as well before the season starts, so be sure to download the latest version at all times.

Each sign-up entry must follow the blank format below:

Full Name:
Truck (and variation if necessary):
Discord Name:
Years in Competition:

The full list of trucks to choose from will be posted below.

Our two current champions Trevor Alston and Danny Walker get first choice 24 hours before sign-ups open. They have yet to choose their trucks.

Reserve Drivers:
If every truck is chosen, drivers can still sign-up as reserve drivers and would leave out the Truck part of the sign-up format. In case any driver decides to drop out of competition or leaves the league for any reason, the next reserve driver in line would take their spot. If it happens during the regular season, they get their points as well. Reserve drivers must take the soonest available truck if they are first on the list.

Full Name: Ethan Pawlowski
Truck: Blue Thunder
Hometown: Detroit, Mi
Discord Name: MonsterJamDaily#4244
Years in Competition: 1.5

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