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S3 E5 St Louis 2020 5/12/20

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Last week in Arlington racing was fast and tight as we saw newcomer Chris P made it to the finals taking on Seth Holloway, after a close race Seth came away with another racing win to add to the tally this season. Freestyle saw some strong competitors putting on the best runs of the season including racing runner up Chris who managed to get himself a Freestyle win giving himself a nice boost in points. This week we head to St Louis where competitors will be faced with a racing style that has not been seen this season. Many big names are looking to make a splash this week and gain some more large points. Most notably Zach Steele who has now fallen second in points to Seth Holloway but the gap is small as they're only separated by 9 Points. 

TOP 5 POINTS  (As of 5/12/20) 

Seth Holloway Grave Digger 124
Zach Steele Overbored 113
Chris P Bounty Hunter 88
Brad Kerlin Mohawk Warrior 69
David Trevino Mopar Magic 66




Opens 7pm EST -  Closes 8pm EST  Event will start shortly afterward

REMINDER Please be sure to read the rules this week (in particular racing) so that there is no confusion on the rules



LIVE EVENT SHEEThttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w853GGZjGr8yC6NXJAnRmqt5xF5Z137QTpS46DTV3Uo/edit?usp=sharing

DISCORD LINK https://discord.gg/mQuwvUV


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