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NAMT 2020 News and Information Thread

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Please refer to the information in this main post and subsequent replies to this thread for all the current news and information for NAMT during the 2020 season.  This thread will be locked to avoid discussions and questions, as they should be posted in the Q&A Thread or on the NAMT Discord.

Important Links and Documents

Rigs of Rods Download Link:


    (Current version used for competition is version 2020.01)

NAMT 2020 Rulebook:


NAMT Discord:


NAMT 2020 Q&A and Discussion Thread:

NAMT 2020 Sign-Ups Thread:

NAMT 2020 Team Sign-Ups Thread:

NAMT 2020 Schedule:

    Regular Season*:

  1. East Rutherford, NJ, USA - MetLife Stadium
  2. Chester, PA, USA - Subaru Park
  3. Montreal, QC, CAN - Olympic Stadium
  4. Detroit, MI, USA - Ford Field
  5. Tampa, FL, USA - Raymond James Stadium
  6. New Orleans, LA, USA - Mercedes-Benz Superdome
  7. Houston, TX, USA  - NRG Stadium
  8. Anaheim, CA, USA - Angel Stadium of Anaheim
  9. Glendale, AZ, USA - University of Phoenix Stadium

    Playoff Series*:

  1. Orlando, FL, USA - Camping World Stadium
  2. Tampa, FL, USA - Raymond James Stadium
  3. Charlotte, NC, USA - The Dirt Track at Charlotte

    *Subject to change

NAMT 2020 Season Points:

    Individual Points: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xniSD5dNDrKajVLk3bDUmX2J84y-zzfmLUJE9CHq8b0/edit#gid=883602347

    Team Points: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xniSD5dNDrKajVLk3bDUmX2J84y-zzfmLUJE9CHq8b0/edit#gid=239796095

    Playoff Points: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xniSD5dNDrKajVLk3bDUmX2J84y-zzfmLUJE9CHq8b0/edit#gid=2005250992

    Qualifying Points: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xniSD5dNDrKajVLk3bDUmX2J84y-zzfmLUJE9CHq8b0/edit#gid=1477468076

NAMT on YouTube:



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For the first season of NAMT, I wanted the trucks to use more realistic settings.  The settings used were more realistic than stock V4 settings, however more work still needed to be done.

This season I am looking to correct the issues currently present in the trucks we drive.  As a result, more time is going to be put into the settings we'll be using for NAMT this year.

As such, I am announcing that NAMT will be pushing its start date back while the trucks are being worked on further.  I am sorry to those of you expecting to start racing next month, but taking the time to correct the trucks now will pay off ten-fold in the long term.

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I'm looking to get some feedback from everyone regarding the truck settings being planned.  I would like to know what you guys want and prefer while driving.  I put together a form for you all to fill out and give us some feedback.


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After long last, NAMT will be starting next Friday, October 9th.  Be sure to have a sign-up ready for tomorrow night when they open.

The rule book has been updated for legal modifications to truck handling.  Be sure to read it over!


Also be sure to check out all 41 open customs free to use for NAMT if you do not have a truck ready yourself!


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Due to the issues we faced with copyright claims during the Truck Fest livestream, we will be using music from a specific website.

If you want to pick the song we play for your freestyle go take a look through their catalog and send the song you want to use in the #freestyle-songs chat of the Discord (http://discord.gg/yMHEzTA).


I apologize to everyone looking to use their own music for this season, but this allows us to not worry about copyright claims blocking event coverage after every event.

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As stated in a few other places, we are postponing Event 1 to next Friday, October 16.

As a result the schedule has been pushed back a week up until Events 6 and 7.  These two events will take place on Friday, November 20 and Saturday, November 21.  After this weekend, the remainder of the schedule will be as originally planned.

You can see the revised schedule here:


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NAMT 2020 Playoff Series Rules, Explanation, and Preview

As we head into the final event of the NAMT 2020 Regular Season, I want to take some time to go over what the Playoff Series is, how it works, and what to expect.

What is the NAMT Playoff Series?

This is a 3 event series held after the conclusion of the Regular Season.  These events will consist of 24 trucks and will determine the Overall, Racing, and Freestyle Points Champions for this season of NAMT.

Who will be competing in these Playoff Events?

While, 24 drivers will compete in these events, only 12 will be earning points.  These 12 drivers "Playoff Drivers" will be the top 12 in Overall Points after the last event of the Regular Season.  At the time of writing, 6 of the 12 drivers have been locked in.  The remaining 12 drivers will earn their way into the event through open qualifying held along side qualifying for the Playoff Drivers on the day of each event.

Who is eligible to qualify for the Playoff Events if they are not a Playoff Driver?

Only people who signed up for the league prior to the last event of the Regular Season are eligible to try to qualify for the Playoff Events.  As always, every driver looking to compete needs to have an approved truck in order to compete.

What else is different for a Playoff Event compared to a Regular Season Event?

Aside from the field size of 24 drivers, of which 12 are locked in, Playoff Events will run just as every other event has this season.  An event thread will be posted prior to each event detailing dates and times as well as posting the track and track x.

When are the Playoff Events?

  1. Playoff Event 1: Saturday, December 19, 2020 @ Orlando, FL, USA
  2. Playoff Event 2: Saturday, December 26, 2020 @ Charlotte, NC, USA
  3. Playoff Event 3: Saturday, January 2, 2021 @ Las Vegas, NV, USA

Are special versions of trucks allowed for the Playoff Series?

Anyone looking to compete in the Playoff Series is allowed to make 1 (one) variant of their truck that they will use across all 3 Playoff Events.  Playoff variants must be uploaded to the website for approval no later than FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2020 @ 11:59 PM est/10:59 PM cst.  All trucks must remain on the same chassis with the same suspension and handling as their normal versions.  Only color changes, body swaps, and paint changes are allowed.

Will freestyle be any different than Regular Season events?

Yes, while more information will come during each Playoff Event Driver's Meeting, we will be more relaxed in making RII calls and allowing more stunts to be attempted.  Do not expect anything like prior special events this year, but do expect a more relaxed ruleset compared to the Regular Season.

I have a question that wasn't answered in this post.

Either post your question in the NAMT Discord (http://discord.gg/yMHEzTA) or in the Q&A Thread:

Here is the list of drivers locked into the Playoffs:

  1. Brandon Adam - Fiberwerx Trophy Truck
  2. Trevor Amos - Here's a Picture of Tony Hawk
  3. Andrew Sheets - Skeledragon
  4. Tyler Richmond - Outbreak
  5. Vincent Akard - Piece of Scrap
  6. Josh Gajewski - Kontrol Freek
  7. Trevor Michalesko - Back Lash
  8. Alex Ferrulo - Pure Muscle
  9. Marcus Santana - Introvert
  10. Jon Zimmer Jr. - Terminal Velocity
  11. Matthew Tyrrell - Arctic Shock 2020
  12. Mark Colineri - Wicked Willys
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