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The Long Game Season 2: Event 4 - Sunday, June 21, 2020 - Indianapolis, IN, USA

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The Long Game heads west from Atlanta to Indianapolis after an incredible showing in the Georgia Dome. Trevor Amos managed to shock the entire league after taking home both the racing and freestyle trophies and entering the number 2 spot in points so far this season. He'll have to fight hard to not only stay near the top of the points series, but defend two separate victories from the previous event. However, we will see yet another change of pace in track design this weekend in the resurrected RCA Dome . A fast, tacky, and very cramped St. Louis style course is what our drivers must conquer this time around, with very little room for error down the straightaway. Racing and qualifying have been very close and very tough so far this season, but this track will definitely be a test for all TLG competitors. Tyler Richmond has consecutively been the fastest qualifier in all TLG Season 2 events thus far, but is win-less in racing and struggles in freestyle. Will this be his first big win? Danny Walker is number one in points, but has been unpredictable after his double down in Houston. Can the reigning points champion stay on top with four other drivers breathing down his neck in the Top 5? All questions will be answered in Indianapolis!

You need to have successfully signed up for The Long Game and be a part of our Discord server in order to qualify or compete in this event.
Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/WGJqyN9

Here is the list of eligible Season 2 drivers and their trucks.

Be sure to look over our Official Season 2 Rulebook before competing in a TLG event


Qualifying starts at 5PM EST on Thursday June 18, 2020 on our Discord server and ends on Saturday at the same time.
Message server-owner Danny Werewolf to schedule a qualifying pass.

During your pass, you cannot enter a turn at 90 degrees or fully drift into the turn sideways. Just like Phoenix, this will be counted as a 5 second penalty.


Qualifying times will be posted in this spreadsheet, with the top 16 making their way into the event.
Event Times and Information - Sunday, June 21, 2020:
- Drivers Meeting: 6PM EST/5PM CST (All drivers must be present for the Drivers Meeting in order to compete)
- Monster Truck Racing

- Monster Truck Freestyle

Monster Truck Racing bracket (subject to change on day of event)

Monster Truck Freestyle scores will be posted in order in this spreadsheet.

This page will be updated as the week goes on leading up to Sunday.
If you have any questions, contact an administrator or owner/co-owner on our Discord server.

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