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The Long Game Season 2: Event 5 - Sunday, June 28, 2020 - Toronto, ON, CA

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As we near the halfway point of TLG's second season, we go northeast to Toronto, Ontario's massive Skydome in the vast country of Canada. In our previous domed event in Indianapolis, Trevor Amos became the first driver this season to win two events back-to-back by picking up yet another hard-fought racing victory, and TLG administrator Devin Doss threw down for the freestyle victory in what was a difficult event for all drivers involved. As a result of his racing win and strong freestyle performance, Trevor Amos is leading the points series high above the rest. For the drivers that succeeded in Atlanta, this course should be no different as both drivers start in the center and race outwards into an oval-style course. Will Trevor Amos be able to pick up his third straight racing victory, or will his luck run out when facing some of the toughest racers in Rigs of Rods today? With a much more open and symmetrical freestyle course, who will thrive and who will bite the dust? All questions will be answered this Sunday!


You need to have successfully signed up for The Long Game and be a part of our Discord server in order to qualify or compete in this event.
Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/WGJqyN9

Here is the list of eligible Season 2 drivers and their trucks.

Be sure to look over our Official Season 2 Rulebook before competing in a TLG event


Qualifying starts at 5PM EST on Thursday June 25, 2020 on our Discord server and ends on Saturday at the same time.
Message server-owner Danny Werewolf to schedule a qualifying pass.

This track features a timed checkpoint race on each racing lane, so we will not be timing your passes manually.
Much like the All-Star challenge, we will be accepting screenshots of your qualifying times as you perform them online with an official watching.

Here are instructions on how to qualify once you are scheduled to make your passes.

Press the ~ key to open the console, or drag your cursor over the in-game menu and go to Tools -> Show Console.
Press the PrtScn/Print Screen key near the top of your keyboard to take a screenshot.
Screenshots are found in your Documents\My Games\Rigs of Rods\screenshots folder.
Send the screenshots for both of your times to the official who saw your passes in each lane.

Unlike other oval-style tracks like Atlanta, you only hit the cars twice on this one, instead of three times.

During your passes, you cannot enter a turn at 90 degrees or fully drift into the turn sideways. This applies to all turn entries and will be counted as a 5 second penalty.

Qualifying times will be posted in this spreadsheet, with the top 16 making their way into the event.
Event Times and Information - Sunday, June 28, 2020:
- Drivers Meeting: 6PM EST/5PM CST (All drivers must be present for the Drivers Meeting in order to compete)
- Monster Truck Racing
- Street Warriors (If a livestream is possible)

- Monster Truck Freestyle

Monster Truck Racing bracket (subject to change on day of event)

Monster Truck Freestyle scores will be posted in order in this spreadsheet.

This page will be updated as the week goes on leading up to Sunday.
If you have any questions, contact an administrator or owner/co-owner on our Discord server.

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