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RoR MT Pro Season 3: Bigger, Badder, and Muddier!

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It has been many a sunrise and sunset since the end of the 2nd season of the Monster Truck Challenge, and I know many were looking forward to the beginning of season 3. We were on our way to being the first league to run leafers on the site but it became apparent that a lot more work was needed to get them right. So we postponed S3 to the same time next year with the idea that we'd have everything setup and ready to go, but as it turned out none of that ever happened. The formation of SMRA and subsequent appointment to 1 time owner and later event director ended up being my main focus for awhile, and add onto that my goals of bringing KOTH back to life and dealing with irl issues lead to MTP falling by the wayside; but things are about to change...

After 5 long years, I can proudly announce that RoR MT Pro is officially back with season 3 of the Monster Truck Challenge! For the rebirth, we're going back to our roots but with a few twists.

First and foremost, we'll be continuing with our racing only format featuring 2 different disciplines; straight line drag and turning course racing. But this time around instead of one event each week featuring both styles, there will be 2 separate events with each event focusing on one discipline.

To that end, when you send up you will be asked to post which racing style you'd prefer because we will be breaking the racing styles up into tours. Now while we'll try to accommodate everyone, not everyone is gonna get the tour they want as we're gonna try and make sure both tours have roughly the same amount of people.

As always, there will be no qualifying into these shows. If you show up, you're in, it's as simple as that; and brackets will be made at random.

Each event will feature 2 full brackets, and during the first round in each we will also run wheelie contests. Each paring will get 2 hits to do their best wheelie, and when say wheelie I mean wheelies only; no other 2 wheel moves will be allowed. The winner of these wheelie contests will get bonus points added to their total at the end of the night.

Also, you might have noticed a certain word I used in the title of this thread, and there is definitely a reason for it. Between each bracket of monster truck racing, we will have the MTP debut of mega truck racing and just like their bigger counterparts, they will partake in the same type of discipline depending on which tour it is (straight line hill and hole and obstacle course respectively). The mega truck deal is entirely optional, you don't have to take part if you don't want to; we're just using this season as a way to give everybody a taste of whats to come in the future. My team is currently working on getting the mega trucks ready to go so that everyone can easily build one, but I'm not gonna sit here and say it's a done deal. We're gonna try and make sure they're good to go in time for the start of things, but I can make no promises. No matter what though, the monster side of things will happen, that I can assure you.

Oh, and one last thing. As far as the monster trucks go, we will be allowing all forms of trucks (replica, repli-customs, and customs, no pure leafers though) with one big absolute rule; your truck must look like (or in the case of replicas, be an actual vehicle that ran during that time frame) something that would've ran from 1995 to 2005. To explain this further, as far as chassis, tires, and production bodies go, it must have existed and been used in the irl monster truck industry during the time frame listed; I will however give some leeway on custom bodies, I just ask that you try to make it look like something that would've existed during that time frame.

I will post more detailed rules in a new rulebook thread soon, that way everyone will know the exact rules that need to be adhered to. Also expect signups to open somewhere in the mid to late August/early September range, with the start of the season happening in November. I look forward to getting this back up and running and seeing how everything plays out. I apologize for letting this deal sit idle for so long, and I will try to make it up to everyone by making these events as laid back and fun as possible.

In the mean time, here's a link to our brand new discord server for everyone to check out:
We're putting the finishing touches on it, but it's pretty much good to go for the most part.

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