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(10/25/20) Freestyle Battle Test Event 2 @ SMFM Syracuse

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Yoooooo i'm back at it with this again. So bit of a recap on how the first one went. Though the lack of people did hurt a little, the matches were pretty alright and the format seemed to somehow, work. But at least according to me, there was one bit of a issue. Three rounds with this format, is a lil bit overkill. So with this event, I'm gonna try it with two rounds. Hopefully with two rounds, 1. the matches become way more intense with less chance of a blowout happening, and 2. It easily gives the matches enough time in a 20 minute window. So yeah. Judging, rules, times, and pretty much everything else is gonna stay the same. If you got any questions then dm me on discord at BradKerlin#3029. I'll see y'all on the track!

Discord Server Invite: https://discord.gg/q7FpzZF

(Times are EST)

Scheduled Card 

Match 1 (7:00 PM) - TBA v. TBA

Match 2 (7:20 PM) - TBA v. TBA

Match 3 (7:40 PM) - TBA v. TBA

Match 4 (8:00 PM) - TBA v. TBA

Match 5 (8:20 PM) - TBA v. TBA

Match 6 (8:40 PM) - TBA v. TBA

Match 7 (9:00 PM) - TBA v. TBA

(Card may be shortened to 5 or 6 matches depending on how many people sign up) 

Track Link: 

Sign Up Format: 

Truck Link: 

(Replicas, Repli-Customs, and Customs are allowed for this event. No Breakables allowed this time.)

List of Sign-Ups: 
1. Kai - Team Meents
2. Xavier Carter - Grave Digger The Legend
3. Dominic Hocutt - Invader
4. Ty Daniel - Whiplash
5. Ewan Ford - Canadian Crippler



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