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Hey guys! I have this really cool track idea/model that im happy to pass off to anyone willing to take it but keep some key elements!

Some of you may remember this:











Well if you're considering it, heres some stuff to know before PM-ing about it:

ITS MODELED ON 2.49b. I hadnt upgraded yet.


Cars are white because its just the boxes not the actual cars. They all have a transparent image applied.

Racing would start in the graves and the trucks would rise from the graves and go basically St. Louis (i believe) style down, around and over the racing ramps on the sides of the mountain to finish.

Freestyle would remove the graves and tombstones leaving flat ground.

Im very attatched to the mountain jump set as well as the quintouple, G-ma themed backflip CONTAINER and the bus stack with grim. everything else can be remade or replaced.

Everything here is most likely modeled poorly compared to someone like maxdman or chris b so dont expect to be working with a polished model. its very rough around the edges.

I hope you keep the house on the hill being the entrance to the track but if you want to replace it and make a better mansion please do.

The pad at the back of the track is GOD AWFUL. PLEASE GET RID OF IT.


As to why Im even giving it up if im so particular about it, i just dont have the drive to do it. working with blender is one of the most frustrating things ive done and im over it. Also i no longer have Photoshop.

Lastly i think I need to step back and just play this game passively for a while. Not that ive made any great contributions here but my content seems to frustrate more people than it helps and Im just tired of that.


So yea if you want a fun project with a basic outline to test your imagination and push your Track designing skills, let me know!

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