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BIG Modern Truck Building Jamboree!


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The results of the poll is in! We will be building modern era trucks from 2015-present. Thanks everyone for voting! Truck building starts.... NOW!


TRUCK: Replica Monster Truck from 2015-2020 which competed in any competition during that time period. (Monster Jam, Monster Wars, Hotwheels Live, etc).

TIME: Truck needs to be submitted and approved to sim-monsters.com for download by December 14th.

SETTINGS: V4 Only. Sorry NAMT fans! Breakable allowed.

BUILD DETAILS: Props may be sourced from other trucks or completely built from scratch. Reskinning a pre-built truck is not allowed. Truck must be assembled and painted by the same person.

LIMITS?: None, build as many trucks as you want. Each truck will be judged separately and against each other with a separate truck counting as a single .truck file. Even if they are in the same .zip file. If they are combined in a truck file it counts as one truck.

HOW TO JOIN: Simply reply to this thread with this information or send this information over private message.

  • DISCORD NAME: [discord name & number. If not in discord, forum name is fine]
  • TRUCK: (to help stop duplicates from being built, however, duplicates are allowed)
  • PRIZE ELIGIBLE: Yes or No [18+, PayPal required upon winning]



First, before we list each category up for grabs, lets talk about how judging will happen!

In each category, Up to 3 trucks will be nominated as winners by a small panel of judges. These 3 winners will then be placed into a public poll where everyone can then decide who the overall winner is! One truck can be nominated for multiple categories.

BEST OVERALL REPLICA- The most coveted award. The truck which is the most Replica accurate, fun to drive and precisely built. All entries are eligible for this category.

BEST ROOKIE BUILD - Only New builders who have submit 1 or fewer trucks to Sim-monsters are eligible to win this category. Rookie Builders Only.

MOST FUN TO DRIVE - It may not look the best, but it sure can do some sweet moves on the track and has some awesome features! All entries are eligible for this category.

BEST BUILDER -  Awarded to the author, not the truck. Will be awarded to the builder who goes above and beyond in this contest. As an example, maybe that is through impressive modeling, multiple truck releases or showcasing new truck RoR technology. All entries are eligible for this category.

BEST PRIZE TRUCK - Wanna win $50 of my money? Anyone who selects that they want to be eligible for a prize is entered in this category. There will be no public vote for this category. Winner will be judged & selected by WorpeX. Must be 18+ with PayPal.  Prize Eligible Drivers Only.

NOTE: The primary goal for this contest is for fun and for their to be many winners. Hopefully just receiving a nomination for any category will feel like an achievement!



There will be 2 or 3 judges. If you would like to be a judge, please PM me! Judges are still eligible to compete.






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About 3 weeks left!

Here is what we have so far:

BUILDER Rookie Eligible? Prize Eligible? TRUCK 1 TRUCK 2 TRUCK 3
GarrettHanson✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ#6568 No No Doom's Day (Pablo) WF 16 El Toro Loco (Lupe Soza Salinas 2015)  
Hydroツ#6457 Yes No Son Uva Digger 3    
R.O.RMadness#0243 No No El Toro Loco 2019    
Terron#8100 No No Toxic    
WorpeX#4106 No No Bearly Tame 2020    
zero_mass#0599 No No Hurricane Force 2020 Storm Damage 2020 Student Driver
iiBloxorz#9976 No Yes Grave Digger The Legend    
TheOnlyTJRich#7965 Yes No Hurricane Force 2020    


I would like at least 3 prize eligible participants for this to count. If we don't get that number, that category will be dropped.

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On 12/5/2020 at 12:41 PM, WorpeX said:


Bearly Tame 2020 released! Obviously only the V4 Replica is eligible for this contest.


Also, there is still time to sign-up to participate! Not much time to build left though.

wow looks great, cant wait to use it when i get my pc

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