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Just thought I'd make one of these for those who know me, but may not have realized I intended on joining. I used to run MTM2 back in the day with a couple people on here under a slightly different name.

Reason this hasn't come sooner, is because I haven't had a PC capable of playing RoR on ANY setting without freezing. Well...I ordered a new rig, and should be getting it in a few weeks. Looking forward to eventually joining everyone when I feel as if tho I won't just be fodder.

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I'm not 100% sure if this is the accurate name, but Mudvaynefan3 haha. Used to use that on Mayhem as well. I ran for a couple seasons with Team Insaniac driving Lost Soul, and after that I ran on a team with Slickster and Harrison Widelitz.

I think I ran a couple times with Josh, and POSSIBLY RKM, but my brain is wearing with old age haha

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Ah, this is Mayhem 2.0 then? Haha. I promise to be on better behavior than I am over there :P. Once I figure out everything with the game (whenever the PC actually arrives) I'll start figuring out how to get the online aspect done. Don't want to signup for a race and end up causing time delays because I'm clueless.

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