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i just got Ror last week i had been using 3.8 no 1 told me otherwise i just found out tonight that i should use 3.7 for now, when i used 3.8 i had graphics on full and had about 50 trucks and only 20 of them worked, now i went and got rid of 3.8 and got 3.7 then i had major lag so i got rid of everything and got a fresh new install now i have no tracks and trucks, but no lag, i went n got a few tracks all seem to work and the box5diesel trucks they work, but now i only have like 5 trucks i was told i need the truck pack v3 but the download link is broken, i also signed up for customs but now i dont have the truck destroyer anymore all i have is Gravedigger airforce max d brutus escalade and bigfoot, i tried installing new trucks 3 differnt ways shown online read several posts asked ppl on aim, and all i get when i try to use the trucks is this error.

OGRE EXCEPTION(6:FileNotFoundException): Cannot locate resource DarkgreyRim.mesh in resource group Autodetect or any other group, in ResourceGroupManager;;openResource at ,,\,,\OgreMain\src\OgreResourceGroupManager.cpp (line753)

You can eventually get help here:


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someone help please im pullin my hair out in fustration here.

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