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Orlando 2021 Fun Run!


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Hey guys, myself and a few other members are going to host a fun run on Wednesday May 5th at 7 pm est! We'll be doing an event on Orlando 2021. We will do qualifying, racing and freestyle. Qualifying will last from 7 pm est - 8 pm est with the main event starting soon after. We will be treating this as if we're doing a league, so please do be realistic with your runs. You may use a replica, or a custom as long as you made it or if you've been given permission to use the custom truck. If you choose a replica or a repli-custom, then it must be a truck that is on the Sim Monsters website (If you're using your own custom, then it does not need to be uploaded to Sim Monsters, just know that all members must have access to the trucks). The Top 16 qualifiers will make it into the event. We will be using the latest version of Rigs of Rods, 2021.04, so make sure you have that version downloaded. We are using V4 settings for this fun run. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me here or message me on Discord @ABgamerX (Adam B )✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ#4455.

Please join the Sim Monsters voice chat at 6:50 pm est for a quick drivers meeting where I will go over a few more extra details (You can leave the voice chat for qualifying, but you MUST be in the voice chat for the main event).


  • 1 person will be called in at a time (first come 1st serve).
  • I will ask the driver to ready up. Reply with ready, say you're ready in the voice chat, or wiggle your tires to show that you are ready.
  • Then I will say go at a random time in the ROR chat.
  • WAIT until I say ready up before saying ready.
  • You get 1 pass in the lane of your choice (no reruns).


  • I will ask both drivers to ready up. Then a go will be given at a random time in the ROR chat.
  • Lane choice in Round 1 will be based on your qualifying times.
  • Lane Choice for Round 2 onwards will be based on your time from your most recent pass.
  • NO neutral bombing.
  • You will be given a 5 second penalty if both front tires do not hit the racing ramps.
  • 90 degree turn rule: If your truck surpasses 90 degrees upon entering a turn, you will be given a 5 second penalty.


  • You have 2 minutes to impress the 3 judges.
  • BE REALISTIC. If it hasn't been done in real life, chances are it is unrealistic. If a move is deemed too unrealistic then it won't be counted towards your score and might lead to a possible RII.
  • You will be RII'd for hard cage hits, hitting the wall, if your truck is on its lid, and other huge crashes.


There will be an overall event champion as well, so make sure you aim high in these competitions to earn as many points as possible (Like I said, we're going to run this as serious as a league). Remember most importantly to have fun!

Times: (Wednesday 5/5/21)

Drivers Meeting: 6:50 pm est - 7 pm est

Qualifying: 7 pm est - 8 pm est

Main Event: 8 pm est

Track Link:

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vzgk2DrRDktYJAC2GNuxQr5mnLRiCED-zxMr0HA5bPM/edit?usp=sharing


Sign Up Format: (You must use this format correctly or else you may risk losing your truck slot. Remember, if you choose a replica/repli-custom, it must be a truck that is on Sim Monsters.)



Truck Link:


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With a couple of last minute competitors added to the lineup, the Orlando 2021 went underway! It would be @Chris B in Husky Showtime coming out first in qualifying with a time that could not be topped by the other competitors, earning the #1 qualifying time of the night! And he was able to bring in those fast times all the way through to the racing finals where he goes up against @RORmadness in Max-D Blackout! Chris had the lead at the half way point, but it was Travis who made up the much needed ground in the final turn to get the racing win! We then move onto freestyle where Chris came out 1st and put up what looked to be an almost unbeatable run, and I say almost because Travis came out later in Max-D Blackout and burned down the house in Freestyle taking the lead! Other drivers came out to try and top his run, however the rest of the drivers just fell short and had some worse luck than others, giving @RORmadness the freestyle win and the double down trophy!


Round 1:

Earthshaker defeats Monster Mutt Rottweiler

Round 2:

Husky Showtime defeats Earthshaker

Silver Blade defeats Dissipate

Max-D Blackout defeats Monster Mutt

Rage defeats Liquid Death

Semi Finals:

Husky Showtime defeats Silver Blade

Max-D Blackout defeats Rage


Max-D Blackout defeats Husky Showtime

Racing Points:

Max-D Blackout: 9

Husky Showtime: 8

Rage: 7

Silver Blade: 6

Earthshaker: 5

Monster Mutt: 4

Liquid Death: 3

Dissipate: 2

Monster Mutt Rottweiler: 1


Max-D Blackout: 26 (9 points)

Dissipate: 25 (8 points)

Husky Showtime: 24.5 (7 points)

Rage: 24 (6 points)

Liquid Death: 23 (5 points)

Monster Mutt: 19.5 (4 points)

Earthshaker: 19 (3 points via tiebreaker)

Silverblade: 19 (2 points)

Monster Mutt Rottweiler: 7 (1 point)



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