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Show Your Projects Chapter 67

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First post on the sim site about this, but here is my latest main project, what I'm calling right now, the WerewolfNB (WNB for short), a V4-based breakable made with many set_beam_defaults and detacher_group edits. As a fun fact, I have not had to move a single node this whole project, it's all been work in the .truck file...painful. There is also no visible deformation, as this is all being done with the nodebeam only currently. Way too much work to make more stuff deform visibly. It also handles very well currently, landing nicely. Flag will still break off and make the rear end stiff, but it shouldn't be so easy. Just make sure you don't land on the throttle like Jimmy Creten! 
Here is my most recent test video below showing off some of the breakages.

Yes, this works online.
Off the top of my head, compared to the original breakables having breaking 4links, bodies, tires and swaybars, this adds in:

Tweaking Swaybars (Front And Rear)
Deformable 4links (Front And Rear)
Deflatable Tires (Front And Rear)
Stronger Flag (Falls Off On Forceful Contact)
Steering Ram/Tierod Breakability (Front And Rear)
Axle Coming Off Entirely (Front And Rear)
Shocks Overcompressing To Break (Front And Rear)

Just wanna thank Marcelo, Terron, Hydro, Danny Mackey, The Gov, and general feedback from friends on getting this idea to where it is now, as I'm figuring most of this stuff out on the spot. Just really happy with how this is turning out. Now, just to figure out how to make this easy to replicate...

(And before you ask "Why Yellow ETL?". It's a truck I wouldn't accidentally run in a tour if the original idea (Deflating tires) didn't work)

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