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Welcome to Monster Jam: Sponsor Showdown!


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In Monster Jam, everyone always complains about there being too many sponsors, well what do they have to prove?

In Monster Jam: Sponsor Showdown, the drivers decide who the best partner in Monster Jam is.

A season of 8 stops, dedicated to each of the 8 teams competing.

Stop 1: Oakland, CA, Spin Master

Stop 2: Detroit, MI, ROXOR

Stop 3: Indianapolis, IN, Lucas Oil

Stop 4: Minneapolis, MN, Great Clips

Stop 5: West Lebanon, NY, UNOH

Stop 6: Tampa, FL, BKT Tires

Stop 7: Glendale, AZ, St. Jude

Stop 8: San Antonio, TX, VP Racing Fuels

Each team will have a captain, for someone to be a team captain they must be ranked Platinum on Sim-Monsters

Tracks will be released before an event. As they are all pre-made.

A rule for this tour is that every truck must be on Sim-Monsters, more rules on this are explained in the rulebook and it is recommended that you read it before signing up.

Events will be run on Wednesdays, Qualifying will be from 5PM-7PM EST, which means there will be 2 hours to qualify for an event, top 16 get into the event and compete in 3 competitions.

Racing: All 16 Drivers compete in a head to head bracket based on qualifying times.

Side Act: Drivers will compete in a different competition each event, the rules will be explains further in the drivers meeting before events.

Freestyle: All drivers will compete, 2 minutes to do the best freestyle, each track will allow for different moves and could lead to the success or failure of a driver.

Sign ups are currently set to be January 26th, 2022. This day may change and the Sim-Monsters Discord will be notified if it does.

To fill in the space between now and then, there will be a second fun run to hopefully smooth more things out. This event is currently set for January 19th but may change. More info will be out soon.

Everything else about the league is stated in the rulebook and on the spreadsheet.

Monster Jam: Sponsor Showdown, League Rulebook - Google Docs

Sponsor Showdown Spreadsheet

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