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Event #1 -- St Louis, MO -- Edward Jones Dome

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Alright guys the time has come for our first event of the season, the two practice races couldn't have went any better imo so I hope to see the same for this week. This week I'm gonna make a little change to the times, Chat will probably open around 7:15 and the drivers meeting will start around 7:30 unlike the last two week were we scrambled trying to make sure we had everyone. Qualifying will open at 7:30 on Saturday and close right before the drivers meeting. Also don't wait till the last minute to qualify, it just make everything tougher on us. We will be taking the TOP 20 from qualifying just to let everyone know. Now for the track, it is a simple Chicago style track, you make on complete lap around hitting one set of cars twice and the other once. The only change for this track is that you will get one run for qualifying because there is no difference in the lanes. If there are any other questions feel free to post them.


Bounty Hunter - 16.69

Grave Digger - 16.69

Monster Mutt - 17.37

Air Force Afterburner - 17.37

Avenger - 18.31

Maximum Destruction - 18.37

Gunslinger - 18.48

BnB Bigfoot - 18.54

Brutus - 19.75

Bad News - 20.01

Tropical Thunder - 20.48

Time Flys - 21.21

Jurassic Attack - 22.33

Blacksmith -- 22.52

MLB Bigfoot - DNF

Event Recap

The very first points race in Sim-Monsters history had 16 trucks showing up to the Edwards Jones Dome, and an almost Double Down by Grave Digger really impressed the other drivers in the series leaving them chasing him in the points. Maximum Destruction would try to keep the racing win streak alive also at St. Louis as the truck had won every event so far in both the US and European league, in the second round he was almost bested by Air Force Afterburner which would be the closest finish of the night and would also be the "Race of the Night". In the finals the impressive streak would come to an end as Grave Digger would capitalize on Max D's bicycle in the last turn and would get the very first points race win. In Freestyle we would see these two battle it out yet again but they would both receive 30s, both would have at least three amazing saves. Also in freestyle we would see impressive runs by Jurassic Attack, Bigfoot, Gunslinger and Air Force Afterburner all of which would earn scores over 25 keeping the freestyle points race very tight. Next week the drivers of Sim-Monsters will tackle one of the trickiest tracks of the season at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, CA.


-Round 1-

#1 Bounty Hunter (Bye Run)

#2 Grave Digger def #15 Pastrana 199

#14 MLB Bigfoot def #3 Monster Mutt (DNS)

#4 Air Force Afterburner def #13 Blacksmith

#5 Maximum Destruction def #12 Jurassic Attack

#6 Gunslinger def #11 Time Flys

#7 Bigfoot def #10 Tropical Thunder

#9 Bad News Travels Fast def #9 Brutus

-Round 2-

#9 Bad News Travels Fast def #1 Bounty Hunter

#2 Grave Digger def #7 Bigfoot

#5 Maximum Destruction def #4 Air Force Afterburner **Race of the Night**

#6 Gunslinger def #14 MLB Bigfoot

-Semi Finals-

#2 Grave Digger def #6 Gunslinger

#5 Maximum Destruction def #9 Bad News Travels Fast


#2 Grave Digger def #5 Maximum Destruction


Maximum Destruction - 30 **Save of the Night**

Grave Digger - 30

Gunslinger - 25

Bigfoot - 27

Air Force Afterburner - 27

Jurassic Attack - 25

Tropical Thunder - 24

Bounty Hunter - 24

Blacksmith - 23

Monster Mutt - 21

Brutus - 20

Pastrana 199 - 19

Bad News Travels Fast - 19

Avenger - 18

Time Flys - 17

MLB Bigfoot 12


Race of the Night - Maximum Destruction def Air Force Afterburner

Save of the Night - Maximum Destruction (his whole run basically)

Racing Winner - Grave Digger

Freestyle Winner - Maximum Destruction and Grave Digger - 30

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Qualifying will open at 7:30 on Saturday and close right before the drivers meeting.

Says right their^^^ qualifying is open until the drivers meeting starts. Drivers meeting starts right before the event on Sunday.

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I was suppose to help Qualify people yesterday because Casey asked but I forgot and went to a party so that is on my guys. I am available to time people all day today up until the event so if people want to IM me and get a run in then hit me up @ Jordan Robson16 and we'll get you set up :)

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