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King of the Hill: Jacksonville 2010 *TONIGHT*


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King of the Hill returns TONIGHT. We will be running Jacksonville 2010 from Sim Monsters Season 1. You all know the deal: Signups are a first come first serve basis. ANY truck is availible until someone takes it. The 16 Top Times will make the event, anyone lower than that will be a Backup.

Qualifying: 5est/4cst

AIM Chat starts: 6:30est, 5:30cst

Racing: 6:45est, 5:45cst


Andrew Field: LMFAO

Benjamin Blessy: Scarlet Bandit

Brad Shaw: Iron Outlaw

Cam Seaward: Bounty Hunter

Dray Connell: Captain's Curse

Dylan Pereira: E3 Bigfoot

James Grantinetti: Raminator

Jordan Wolfson: Lucas Oil Crusader

Josh Gajewski: Cowboy

Josh Rhodes: Excaliber

Justin Olander: Gunslinger

Luis Lebron: Shock Therapy

Magnus Birkelund: El Toro Loco

Mark Colineri: Titan

Michael DesRoches: Grave Digger The Legend

Michael Gresko: Maximum Destruction

Michael Murray: Grave Digger

Mitch Bumpass: Son Uva Digger

Ross Bonar: Tailgator

Ryan McCauley: Taz

Tyler May: Air Force Afterburner

Zach Nicholas: Blue Thunder

Zach Steele: Stopper

Zack Anthony: Spiderman


  1. Michael DesRoches: Grave Digger The Legend, 14.41
  2. Eric Myers: Warbird - 14.87
  3. Justin Olander: Gunslinger- 14.94
  4. Andrew Field: LMFAO- 14.97
  5. Josh Gajewski: Cowboy - 15.00
  6. Josh Rhodes: Excaliber - 15.03
  7. Tyler May: Air Force- 15.22
  8. Michael Gresko: Max D- 15.25
  9. Brad Shaw: Iron Outlaw- 15.31
  10. Ryan McCauley: Tasmanian Devil - 15.38
  11. Benjamin Blessy: Scarlet Bandit - 15.53
  12. Zach Steele: Stopper- 15.66
  13. Zach Nicholas: Blue Thunder- 15.68
  14. Michael Murray: Grave Digger- 15.72
  15. Ross Bonar: Tailgator- 16.22
  16. Cam Seaward: Bounty Hunter - 16.34
  17. Mitch Bumpass: Son Uva Digger- 16.50
  18. Magness Burkland: El Toro Loco - 16.62
  19. Louis Lebron: Shock Therapy -17.31
  20. Danny Mass: TMB - 18.03
  21. Dylan Pereira: E3 Bigfoot - 24.28
  22. Dray Connell: Captains Curse- DNF

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