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Event #3 -- Salt Lake City, UT -- Rocky Mountain Raceway

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This is another odd layout but is fairly simple, all you need to do is follow your lane and the cones and you should be good. Both lanes are equal so you only have to do one lap around the track. This track is gonna bite people because of the banking can put you on two wheels easy. There is going to be no penalties for hitting a cone because they will penalize you if you drive over them. Only penalty is going to be going to the inside of a cone and cutting the turn. The freestyle layout is very simple and alot of people will be going the distance, there are a few things you will no be able to do though, first is going up in the corners and backing up to the wall to get an unrealistic amount of air of any of the jumps, second is backflipping of the side of the table top jump, you can try and go up the side of it but dont hit it full boar.

Here is a video of the track

Qualifying Times

  1. Grave Digger - 27.22
  2. Grinder - 27.40
  3. monster mutt - 28.26
  4. Max D- 28.43
  5. Avenger - 29.11
  6. Gunslinger- 29.56
  7. Jurassic Attack - 29.70
  8. Rammunition - 31.81
  9. BullDozer - 33.76
  10. Tropical Thunder - 37.03
  11. e3 bigfoot- 40.39
  12. Bad News Travels Fast -40.58
  13. Bad Habit - 47.25
  14. nitro circus - 47.83


Big thanks to crazyman for the graphical bracket.

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Round 1

Grave Digger

Nitro Circus


Bad Habit

Monster Mutt

Bad News

Max D

e3 Bigfoot


Tropical Thunder



Jurassic Attack


[/code] [size=5]Round 2[/size] [s]Grave Digger[/s] Monster Mutt (FL) [s]Grinder[/s] Bad News Max D [s]Tropical Thunder[/s] Gunslinger [s]Jurassic Attack[/s]
Semi Finals Monster Mutt Bad News Max D Gunslinger

[/code] [size=5]Finals[/size] [s]Monster Mutt[/s] Max D


Max D - 27

Grinder - 25

Bad Habit - 25

Tropical Thunder - 25

Gunslinger - 25

e3 bigfoot -24

Monster Mutt - 24

Jurassic Attack - 21

Avenger - 20

Gravedigger - 15

Rammunition - 15

Bulldozer - 13

Bad News - 9

I'll let casey handle points since he has for both the previous races.

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well, that was crazy, i know that if i had just steered the other way after the truck had come down i would have been fine.

but it didn't work out now did it? :P

anyway, im working hard on getting themes, templates and other editing equipment together so i can do the sim monsters racing "show"

i hope everyone likes it, and i hope i can pull it off by the next event

and give it a name that actually dosent sound like a drunken six year old parading around MS word :lol:

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