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Weekend Shootout Friday 10/21 sign up closed


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LADIES AND GENTS! I present to you the Hump Day Shootout! This Friday 10/21 we will crown the first ever Friday Night Shootout championship at SAM BOYD STADIUM IN LAS VEGAS, NV! This event will be a 16 truck field with one shot to get it done in the field..pick your poison left or right lane and hammer down.

The track we will race on will be the latest available World Finals track that you can download in the Sim Monsters download directory(World Finals 11)

Qualifying will start at 6est/5cst the top 16 drivers make the field!

Racing will start 8:30est/7:30cst

Eric: Bounty Hunter

Michael Murray: Monster Mutt Rotty

Mike Gresko: Maximum Destruction

Luis Lebron: Mohawk Warrior

Danny Maass: Scarlet Bandit

John Cavalini: Retrofoot

Ryan McCauley: Grave Digger the Legend

Michael DesRoches: Grave Digger

Justin Olander: El Toro Loco

Josh Gajewski: Crusader

Mike Elmendorf: Superman

Andrew Field: Monster Mutt

Jack Meredith: 106.7 The Fox

Mike Alston: Taz

Mark Colineri: Stone Crusher

Benjamin Blessy: Destroyer

Zach Steele: Sudden Impact

Josh Rhodes: Excaliber

Brad Shaw: Shock Therapy

Danny Mackey: Batman

Tyler May: Iron Outlaw

Tom Papaccio: Mopar Magic

Ross Bonar: Crushstation

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John Cavallini

Bigfoot 2000


Name: Damian Bowers

Truck: Untapped Rage if you can get it working by wendseday

AIM: CIDRAdragger

John Cavallini

Bigfoot 2000


Gent's I said pack trucks only..I thought it would be simple enough to understand...Default trucks..no addon's

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Name: Michael DesRoches

Truck: Grave Digger (sorry i had too)

Roach....no, just no :(

Ok....fine...I'll go with Monster Mutt at the track Chuckie won, after all I am the biggest Monster Mutt fan in the world.

Name: Bobby Z

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