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Truck Making questions


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Alright, what all do I need to know about making trucks? I think I have some of the programs I'll need (Photoshop, Blender, Sketch-up, Do I need anything else?), What file type do I need to save the skins as, and how do I apply them to a truck? Just the basics, you know? Also, who do I need to talk to about getting a 2007-2010 silverado body and a PEI?

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Never touch sketchup. First of all.

If you have blender you have no need for it.

There is a huge list on why you shouldn't use it on the official ror forums.

You will need a tool called Ogre exporter for blender. This allows you to export the mesh and write material files for the object you are exporting.


That contains the info you will need for exporting.

To get the mesh into game you will need to add it to a zip along with a truck file.

A .truck file can be opened in wordpad,notepad, word. Pretty much any RTF editor.


That link explains how to make a .truck file.

More info can be found here.

Step by step



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Alright, here's one: are there any RoR vehicles with a working light bar? You know, like a police light bar. (MAJOR hint) And if so, does anyone here know how to set one up, and where a model of one can be found?

It can be done in many different ways, I personally love the user controlled lights via CTRL+1,2,3 etc since it's virtually lag free compared to the normal M lights. Search around the main RoR forums for tow-trucks or firetrucks and you should be able to find some good examples. I need to learn a lot of things... :lol:

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