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The 2nd Annual Allmonster's Eve!


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Last year, 35 trucks raced in the biggest field ever to compete in a single ROR event. An event so big that it had to be ran on two seperate days! This year, this event is more modernized. The track is more modernized. The racing though, its even more difficult. Freestyle, is still big, exciting, and will provide more "WOW" Moments than any event has this season garenteed!

Event Info:

Allmonster's Eve 2 will feature a new style of race course, nicknamed "4 Loco." The racing track was designed by yours truely and built by Andrew Field(Who has done an amazing job.) I basically let Andrew decide to put whatever he wanted out there for freestyle. So expect some big things!

We've moved from the worlds most banked race track, to inside a beautiful new venue which sole purpose is to house Monster Truck events. Allmonster Field.

Sim-Monsters past and current champions are locked into the field this year. Josh Rhodes, Ryan McCauley, Micheal DesRoaches, Eric Myers, Andrew Field, and Tim Smith all earned their spots by earning Championships through the various Sim-Monsters series.

That will leave 14 spots availible for everyone else to qualify in. The fastest 14 trucks will race along side the Sim-Monsters champions! This folks, will truely be a Sim-Monsters All Star event.

12/10/11 is the day and 6est/5cst is the time the chat will start. Until then, please post your signups here, as well as any photos of your AME 2 Rides! Customs and Replicas are welcome! Qualifying will be open on the 9th from 2est/1cst to 7est/6cst time, and from 2est/1cst to 5est/4cst on the 10th. Each driver will recieve one pass in each lane for qualifying and the quickest time will be taken.

I hope everyone comes out for this event, it will be another fun one to put on and i hope to make it much more fun than last year!

Signups are open!

Signup Sheet below





1, Andrew Field, Controled Chaos*

2. Josh Rhodes, Grave Digger*

3. Zach Steele, Animated Madness*

4, Tom Papacio, Brutus*

5. John Cavallini, Armed Forces*

6. Hagan James, GD Legend*

7. Michael Gresko, Death Letter*CHANGE TRUCK*

8. Christopher Hamilton, Captain America*

9. Matt Demko, Bailout*CHANGE TRUCK*

10. Matt Wilkinson, Team Meents*

11. Cory Norman, Son Uva Digger*

12. Bo S, Lucas Oil Crusader*

13. Eric Myers, Warbird*

14. Mark Colineri, Stone Crusher*

15. Dustyn Trueblood, Cowboy*

16. Danny Maass, TMB*

17. Jordan Wolfson, Air Force Afterburner*

18. Magnus Birkelund, Time Flys*

19. Jordan Robson, Bounty Hunter*

20. Luis Lebron, American Gaurdian*

21. Danny Mackey, Excaliber*

22. Ryan Pennington, AM/PM Boss*

23. Casey Graves, Monster Energy*

24. Sam Steinhauer, Advance Autoparts Grinder*

25. Kieth Horner, Gun Slinger*

26. Bert Wojcik, Snake Bite*

27. Josh Gajewski, El Toro Loco*

28. Tyler May, Maximum Destruction*

29. Trevor Amos, Mohawk Warrior*

30. Damian Bowers, Untapped Rage*CHANGE TRUCK*

31. Ryan McCauley, Problematic*

32. Steven Ray, Destroyer*

33. Michael Murray, Alcohol Abuse*

34. Kyle Carr, Shock Therapy*

35. Alex Vieth, Rammunition*

36. Michael DesRoaches, Taurus*

37. Stephen Hopkins, Ogio Bagster*

38. Cody Jones, Gargoyle*

39. Zach Nicholas, Night Strike*

40. Steve Harlow, Harlowquinn*

41. Ethan Dean, Four By Force*CHANGE TRUCK*

42. Tim Smith, Sand King*

43. Chandler Bush, Vette King*CHANGE TRUCK*

44. James Hannon, Brute Force*

45. Sean Kozak, Blown Income*

46. Andrew Wamsley, Jolly Roger Express*

AME2 specific built trucks will need to be released on Sim-Monsters by FRIDAY at 12cst time. NO EXCEPTIONS GRANTED this time.

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