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As much as Tony is at fault for this, so is the victim.   Yes, Tony had no reason to gas into him like that, but the guy should not have been in the middle of the track while the cars were running e

10 bucks says he ends up being the new 22 crew chief. lol.

Matt Kenseth wins at Dover!  Kenseth, Larson, and Elliott have a thrilling three car battle to finish the race.  The big one with around 40 laps to go took out most the field including the biggest con

Well. I think Montoya was totally sandbagging on that restart. 


Granted this was from last week...he doesn't have to go until the 2nd line hell he wasn't even to the first line to where he would've gotten a penalty if he went.. Explain to me how he was sandbagging on that restart?  Johnson just went when he wanted to.

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Anyone going to the nascar race this week because i will most likely be going to it only my 2nd race and 1st since 2011 and best part of that race was seeing Johnson crashing less then 10 laps in!

I wish I could go to one, but all the tracks are so far away from me. Closest I got is Pocono, but ut's all the way across the state.

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I honestly don't see what you're worried about.  Granted they may be having slight troubles in practice, i'm sure most of the teams will be able to get the problems fixed before race day. Besides, isn't that what practice is for?  The track doesn't have a very high average speed anyway, so you're  probably not going to see any really hard impacts, if that.

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So you don't think 20 cars going off track or spinning out in practice should be something to be worried about? Yes the race was for the most part clean but this should always be taken into consideration before the race is run

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