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about non-aired monster truck shows?


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i have noticed from watching the feld youtube channel for a long time as well as watching old school imj tapes that there is a lot of footage used from events that were not brodcast on speed or tnn. if feld brings a fleet of their cameras to every monster jam show and uploads just a minute of a random trucks freestyle to youtube, what happens to the rest of the two hour footage? there's no way they just throw that footage away, especially if small clips are used in highlights or dvds/vhss. like for the around the ushra segment that was on the speed channel, mj obviously filmed the whole show. so what happens? will this ever get leaked? it would be cool to have professionally shot footage of the exact show you went to.

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Monster Jam probably has footage of every show that they or a company they bought out did from the beginning up to now. If I'm not mistaken they own all of the TNT stuff, USHRA, and USA Motorsports footage. Basically it just sits until they feel like doing something with it. I wish they would start releasing box sets of all the shows they have the rights to. Do like two seasons a year and make episodes with the footage they have of the ones that weren't on TV. Bigfoot would have to come back for this to happen though. I could live in the Monster Jam video archives and never got bored.

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