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(Official Tracks)Florida Citrus Bowl


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File Name: Florida Citrus Bowl

File Submitter: liquidfire215

File Submitted: 21 Nov 2010

File Category: Sim-Monsters Season 1

Week 4
After a few weeks of tight tricky racing the stars of the Sim-Monsters Racing League will head to the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL for the fourth race of the season. After a major shake up in the points, Maximum Destruction has taken over the lead after his double down in Utah, and Grave Digger struggling to tackle the figure 8. Gunslinger, Bigfoot and Monster Mutt would have strong runs again as they round out the top 5 in points. Salt Lake City would see Tropical Thunder break out of a major slump with an impressive freestyle run that would give him a second place finish for the night in freestyle. The upcoming event will have a Vegas feel to it as they drivers will handle a modified j-drag style track with a couple extra turns added. Will Max D and Grave Digger continue to hold the rest of the field winless or will somebody pick up their first career win, we will find out on Sunday the 21st in beautiful Orlando, FL

Track creators Casey Graves and Liquidfire215


Click here to download this file

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