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Hey all. I have found the promise land lol. I'm new to this whole thing but I've been a fan of monsters truck when I was 5. and that is almost 30 yrs ago. I came across ror and saw that the monster truck simulation of it is amazing. I can not tell how long it been that I can actually find a Game/Simulator or what ever you want to call it that is true to scale. I love it so much that I go to the movie'ish type of camera and just admire the truck looping around playing with the rear steer.

The point is, its fun as heck and I'm looking forward to meeting fanactics just like me and be able to be apart of this great thing. I'm a media designer. So I plan on creating alot of custom skins for the great chasiss that have already been created. Again I'm new so I really don't have a clue as to where to begin or what to do. I don't know how the build part of it goes, but I def want to learn that. If anybody and help with on how to actually design/build stuff please let me know. It is a program, or and app?

I'm all registered so I want to know is. How to get on the server and start playing? All help is appreciated. Thanks and I'll see you on the Trac

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Welcome to Sim Monsters!

Most of us who build tracks/trucks use Blender. You can get it here. It comes with all the plugins you will need to successfully get your track/truck into the game. It's not easy at first, but once you learn, you won't have a problem.

For skins, some of the more experienced guys use Photoshop, but a couple REALLY good skin makers also use Paint.net. Which you can get here.

To get on a server, go on the Network tab on your RoR config. Hit update. There should a server list. Click on SG Sim Monsters. Once you are there, insert this password in the password bar:

cgrmjrmdbslfmm .. Then click save and play. To chat, press y, type your message and hit enter.

For any further help, you can contact staff, or send me a PM.. If you have AIM, you can also contact me @ rorfan652.

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Good look and Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it. I tried installing the Blender program but when i run it an error message comes up. "Says, specified path does not exist". It couldn't find the blender.exe file. Searched for it but it was like it never came with the zip file. I started on a skin already. Its of I truck I created. Should be cool. I'll post some pics when I finish it.

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