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Sig of the Week Rules

- New Themes will be assigned every Monday.

- Sunday evening the voting thread will go up and will be open until Tuesday night.

- Once a winner has been crowned on Sunday evening he will get to choose the next weeks theme

-One Entry Per Person

-No larger than 550x200 Pixels. Most Sigs are around 400x150

-Must be in GIF, JPG, PNG, or JPEG format

-Files Must Be Hosted Via offsite hosting ....Imageshack, photobucket, etc...

-One Post Per User In SOTW Topic, You May Edit The One Post As Many Times As You Wish.

-No Animation Signatures, Must Be Single Frame unless contest notes otherwise

-Can Not Submit Same Signature Twice

-You are allowed to use any kind of text in your signature as long as it doesn't include your forum username. Using text in your signature is optional and not a must. (After the competition you may add your own username if displaying publicly)

-Must Have Image Displayed In Submission Post

-You May Not Vote For Yourself

-No Nudity Or Pornography

-Entries May Be Changed As Many Times As Needed Un till 12:00 PM Saturday. Any edits to posts after that time will be disqualified from voting process.

-Eventually once this grows it will be done through PM making the entire process completely anonymous. For now voting

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