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Sig of the Week #1 Discussion Thread

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Welcome to week 1 of Sim-Monsters SOTW. I hope we can get plenty of participation in this. Since this is our first week we will be opening everything up early. Submissions can be entered effective today if needed. Future contest will follow SOTW guidelines posted here. http://sim-monsters....517-sotw-rules/

This weeks theme will be Monster Trucks. The SOTW needs to incorporate the main theme idea into your design some how.

I hope you guys enjoy this new addition and have fun with it, each week you enter you will only notice yourself getting better. So go ahead and submit what you can it will only help you improve.

There will also be a trophy/medal section keeping track of your win/place/show. We will open the ability to have Sig battles where you can wager some trophies and go 1 on 1 with another designer winner takes the trophy's wagered. Should add a bit of fun to the competition.

Quick Example I made:


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