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(Official Tracks)Atlanta Georgia Dome


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File Name: Atlanta Georgia Dome

File Submitter: liquidfire215

File Submitted: 19 Dec 2010

File Updated: 29 Jun 2011

File Category: Sim-Monsters Season 1

Here it is, an experimental style track I hope you all will like.

Much grippier than your used, but overall appearance is nicer. I may make more like this one, time will tell. Hope you guys enjoy. Didnt get to do much beta testing with this one.

As always if the downloads section doesnt work for you, use this link.



If you downloaded a previous version of the track, the spawn system was broke. I have a mini update, or you can just re download the track. Sorry about that guys.

Righ click and save as. Then drag to the atlgeorgia.zip. Overwrite the files. No regen necessary.




Click here to download this file

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This track turned out awesome! I love the extra grip, I noticed that right away. The double van set took me a few tries to clear, but once I figured it out, I can clear it everytime now without endoing. It seems like these tracks keep getting better and better, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future!

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