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King of the Hill: World Finals 7


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I wanted to have a fun event tonight and decided that i'd open this KOTH up to the first 16 people that signup for the event. Qualifying will take place at race time. So if you signup within the first 16 signups, your in! Opened the field up to 16 trucks, and we will be racing at Monster Jam World Finals 7!

AIM Chat Opens: 6:45est/5:45cst

Qualifying start time: 7est/6cst

Racing will begin right after qualifying.


1. Josh Rhodes, Grave Digger

2. Michael DesRoaches, Tailgator

3. John Cavallini, Maximum Destruction

4. Tom Papacio, Brutus

5. Andrew Field, Controlled Chaos

6. Josh Gajewsi, Shock Therapy

7. Eric Myers, Bounty Hunter

8. Daniel Simon, Bulldozer

9. Luis Lebron, Mohawk Warrior

10. Andrew Marsh, Grinder

11. Danny Mackey, Excaliber

12. Matt Wilkenson, Blue Thunder

13. Jack Merkle, El Toro Loco

14. Drew Peltier, Avenger

15. Tyler May, Iron Outlaw

16. Magnus Birkelund, Jurassic Attack



Mark Iron, Captain America

Jack Meredith, 106.7

Joshua Micks, Ironman

Jake Price, Nitro Circus



If you don't see your name on the signup list, its because you picked a truck that was already taken or a truck that has not been released. Signups revised due to a mis-read on my part. Also, before i get another message. Roach signed up via text to me because he wasn't around a computer.

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