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King of the Hill Sunday Night Showdown! 4/29/12


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King of the Hill returns with Sunday Night Showdown in Orlando Florida! Sunday Night Showdown will not be a normal KOTH event, as trucks will not be running for points. Sunday night trucks will be running for Bragging Rights only in a knock down drag out war of the monster trucks! We will be having a normal 12 to 16 truck field(depending on the # of signups we receive.)

Racing will be entitled "Bragging Rights!" 6 to 8 drivers will be chosen at random and will be able to select from the list of non-selected drivers to determine their Round 1 opponent! This process will continue all the way down to the Semi-Final round until we've reached the final 2 drivers. The winner will receive KOTH Bragging Rights and will be able to select the spot they wish to go in Freestyle.

When is this? SUNDAY NIGHT!

Chat opens: 7est/6cst time

Racing starts: 7:30est/6:30cst

Track: http://sim-monsters....8-orlando-2010/


  1. Josh Rhodes, Excaliber
  2. Matt Wilkinson, Blue Thunder
  3. Devin Doss, Black Stallion
  4. Chris Hamilton, Batman
  5. Michael DesRoaches, Grave Digger
  6. Danny Mackey, Shock Therapy
  7. Tom Papacio, Brutus
  8. Mark Colineri, Bounty Hunter
  9. Trevor Amos, Iron Warrior
  10. Nicholas Kozak, Bigfoot
  11. Joshua Micks, El Toro Loco
  12. Andrew Marsh, Backdraft
  13. Malke Middleton, Superman
  14. Edy Beltran, Ironman
  15. Justin Yurface, Predator
  16. Tharindu Doncer, Iron Outlaw

That is your field of 16 trucks for tonights event. Everyone that signed up after Iron Outlaw will be considered Alternates!

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